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#35: How to add an extra 20% of sales to your next launch (with just 3 emails!)

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Things you’ll learn in this episode of Doing It Online

  • How to add an extra 20% of sales to your next launch with just 3 emails. 
  • My favourite types of mini funnels.
  • What and when (timing is everything) to send this email sequence.

The 3 emails to send for an extra 20% more sales in your next launch!

Episode thirty-freaking-five! How did that happen so quickly?

Question for you: Would you like to know how to add an extra 20% of sales to your next launch — with just 3 emails?

Sound too good to be true doesn’t it? 3 emails = 20% more sales? Ah, but it is! And this is without being salesy or annoying your entire email list repeatedly AND without having to create anything new. 

Behold, the power of the mini-funnel. 

One of my favourite mini funnels is the downsell funnel. 

What even is a downsell funnel?

A downsell is an ‘easier to say yes to’ offer that goes out to people who were interested in your offer during launch, but didn’t end up making the decision to buy. So, anyone who viewed your sales page or clicked through to your offer will go onto this new mini-funnel list and you send out these 3 emails out to only them. Not your entire list. (Your email service should tag this information for you.)

Two of my favourite types of downsell funnels:

One: Extended payment plan. This is a good option if you think the reason people weren’t purchasing was due to finances being a bit of stretch. This gives them a bit longer to pay and makes it a bit easier to say yes to. Perhaps a 6mth or 12 month payment plan, depending on your program and usually keep the pricing around $50-$100 a month.

Two: Offering a lite version of your offer. Again, this doesn’t mean you have to create anything new. They’ve already seen your offer and you know they’re already interested because they were clicking through. So in this option you can offer them a module or two to get them started, for a reduced price. And then if they want to stay on and purchase the rest of the modules then they can upgrade and get access.


Which one of the above options you choose is up to you, depending on what you think were the main reasons people didn’t buy. 

So why is this worth it? 

Well, usually – If you get this right, you can expect an extra 10-30 percent of sales. Just for sending a couple of emails. 

They don’t need to be long emails either. You’re not educating people on what your program is, because they’ve already been introduced to it. 

I go right into exactly how to set up this email sequence — what you need to send and when in the episode, so go have a listen and take some notes! 

And if you’re wanting more info around launching well check out my simple formula for 6 Figure sales (on autopilot) in this free online masterclass.  

The 3 emails to send for an extra 20% more sales in your next launch!

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