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My #1 best-ever list building secret!

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My #1 List Building Secret

Are you growing your list right now?

Or trying to?

Or maybe it’s just on your to-do list?

Either way, before you waste another second (or another dollar) on that list of yours, you need to know this!

Because it’s highly likely that you are missing one very vital piece to your list-building efforts.

And without it… well let’s just say you are basically setting fire to 💰 right now (and no one wants that!!)

So watch the video above and let me share my #1 list-building secret with you now!

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I take it that if you’re reading this, you’re probably focusing on list building right now.

Or maybe you’ve just been told that the money is in the list.

You need to focus on your list building.

List, list, list, list.

Everyone’s so obsessed with growing a list in this whole online game, right?

And it’s for good reason.

List building is really important because it’s one of the only ways that you can communicate with your tribe for free, apart from your email service fees, of course.

list building

#1 best-ever list building secret – Facebook had us all fooled

It got us all to build up our Facebook pages thinking we can communicate with those people and then it’s like, “Got you, you’ve got to pay”.

And then Facebook bought Instagram and did the exact same thing there.

So it’s really one of the only ways to create this tribe of people who are interested in what you’re doing, who want to hear from you, who are potential customers and you’re able to communicate with them, when you want to, at the right times.

And nowadays, because these email services are so super smart, you can really get in there and make sure you’re giving people the right info at the right time.

And a crazy amazing, experience for them as well.

You’re growing your list, you’re focusing on list building.

But I bet you, you are missing one thing.

And this thing is something so many people don’t think to do.

They don’t have a funnel.

They don’t have that next step for people to take once they have come and joined their list.

All they do is get a welcome email and then it’s like bam, straight into weekly newsletters (if you even remember to send the weekly newsletters that is).

You’re missing such a golden opportunity here & I’m going to tell you why.

My #1 Best-Ever List Building Secret

#1 best-ever list building secret – It’s in the numbers

I did a study recently and we dug in deep to see how long it normally takes someone to buy from you once they’ve joined your list.

And this wasn’t just with my stats, it was other people’s information as well.

We all went through and analysed our sales stats.

And the fact is that the vast majority (almost 70%) of sales happened within the first seven to 14 days.

These are people who are getting on your list and are almost ready to buy.

If you were just dumping them into your weekly newsletter and then not making an offer until your next launch, you’ve missed this amazing opportunity.

These people were ready to buy right now.

A lot of people think that what you need to do is aggressively do list building.

Then you need to launch to that list and you need to make sure your launches are amazing and so you’re going to keep perfecting your launch, keep trying new things, keep trying new offers, keep trying new tactics and then you end up stuck in a loop.

When that all works really well, then you go and you create a funnel.

But no!

That’s actually the wrong way around.

You don’t need to do your list building aggressively.

It’s actually better to get that funnel set up way earlier because you don’t need to have a perfect launch, to have a perfectly profitable funnel, because they’re quite different.

Also, you’ve got this window where people get on your list and they are ready to buy.

'you are basically setting fire to 💰 right now (and no one wants that!!)'Click To Tweet

#1 best-ever list building secret – Google it

The reason they joined your list is because maybe they’ve typed something into Google.

They’ve got a problem that they’re looking to solve.

Typed it into Google and you came up if your SEO is awesome – well done if that’s how they’ve gotten on your list!

They went and read one of your posts and are like, “Yeah, I’m really into this.”

And then they signed up to your list.

Maybe they saw you share something on your social media and they went and checked you out.

Or you had a link to an opt in.

The reason your particular post popped out at them is because it’s something that they’re looking for help with right now.

It’s something that right now they’re really focused on and they’re looking for a solution.

They’ve seen this out of all of the information that’s around.

They’ve seen your thing, they’ve clicked through, they’ve read it.

They went, “Yep. This sounds exciting. I want more. I want to know more, help me.”

They’ve gotten on your email list and then you’ve just neglected them.

They were nearly there.

They wanted your help.

They were almost ready to buy.

All you needed to do was warm them up slightly.

list building

#1 best-ever list building secret – show them the right stuff

Show them the right stuff at the right time, and then make them a funnel friendly offer.

And a really good percentage of them would probably have taken you up on it.

And the thing is, setting up a funnel, it’s not hard, doesn’t require crazy tech, doesn’t require you to be a super nerd or spend a lot of money.

It also doesn’t include any crazy list building techniques.

Once you’ve set it up, it’s always there.

It’s always running in the background.

So then when you go out and you do your list building and you focus on your list building, you’re going to start seeing sales coming through all the time.

But when you grow your list without the funnel, you’re basically losing those sales.

Those people were ready to buy.

A lot of them aren’t going to wait till next time you launch.

They’re going to go find a solution somewhere else.

So this is why I really, really believe that list building without having a funnel in place is like pouring water into a bucket with a hole in the bottom.

It’s kind of pointless, particularly when it’s not that hard to set up a funnel.

It’s really not.

List building is really important because it's one of the only ways that you can communicate with your tribe for free, apart from your email service fees, of course.Click To Tweet

#1 best-ever list building secret – I love funnels

We’ve got people inside our 5K Funnel Formula who are blasting through and getting their funnel setup in a matter of weeks and who are getting sales really easily.

Another reason I love funnels, and I know you’re probably going, “Okay, shut up about funnels.”

But no, I will not.

I love them.

It’s because you can actually use your funnels to help improve your launches.

Because the thing is, you can promote a launch, right?

Okay, I’m going to go and do a launch every three months or every two months, or however often you do it.

Basically, you’re putting a lot of eggs into a basket.

You’re like, “Okay, in this launch, I’m going to try this thing.”

And you only really get one shot at trying it.

You might be able to A/B test some subject lines, but you didn’t really get a chance to go, “Oh, that email totally flopped. I’m going to change it and send it again.”

You can do that with a funnel.

My #1 Best-Ever List Building Secret

What I teach inside the 5K Funnel Formula is how to set up your very first simple funnel to really capture people who are already getting on your list.

Those organic leads you’re already getting and then I show you how to amplify that through some specific list building techniques and authority building techniques.

But what a lot of people do, is they take this whole process and when it’s coming up to a launch they test some of this launch stuff out in their funnel first and make sure that it’s working before they go and put their entire list and all of this money and all this effort into it.

So the thing with funnels is they don’t come after a launch, they come before it.

Because when you have your funnel setup, it means those months you’re not launching, you’re still making sales.

It means that when you’re list building in between launches, those people getting on your list will have a chance to become ready to buy from you.

It also gives those who missed out on the launch in the first place, a second opportunity to take up your offer.

It means that you also have an opportunity to test some stuff out before you go and put such high risk, high pressure on it through a launch.

And the fourth benefit of having a funnel up and running is that when you do a launch and you invest all that time, you get all those new people in and some of them aren’t quite ready to buy yet.

Guess what you do with them, you stick them in your funnel.

And then in a couple weeks’ time when maybe they’ve needed just that a little bit more warming up, then you get a bunch more sales as well.

So even after your launches done, you’re still going to get more sales.

It’s just one of those things that once you’ve done it, you’re like, “Oh my God. Why didn’t I do this earlier?”

But I do understand that if maybe you haven’t funneled before, maybe you’re scared of the tech, maybe you’re like, “I don’t have the time.”

You kind of think it’s a thing that you can put off.

But I would just strongly suggest that wherever create a funnel is on your list, and if you sell products online, it should be on your list somewhere.

Because it’s going to be one of those things that you’re going to get a return on your investment.

You’re going to get the return on the time spent.

Because once it’s set up and running, it’s there, it works.

You don’t really have to think about it anymore and you can go back to just stressing about your launches and to list building, and you know that you’re going to get these extra sales every single week because you’ll funnel is there to support you.

If you want to know more about funnels, if this has made you a bit funnel curious, if you’d like to see an example of a really simple funnel that you can put in place, I’m showing exactly how you can do that inside my masterclass right now.

And this is the exact funnel that I’ve used with students to get them from going to one or two sales a month to up to 80 sales a month completely on automated.

Want to know exactly how you can create a really awesome profit funnel for your business? Click here, join my free masterclass and I’ll see you inside.


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