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#169 : The Sorting Hat: The Live Launch Automation You Didn’t Know You Needed!

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I recently received a question from one of our fantastic eCourse Empire members: How do you handle people already in your funnel during a live launch? It’s such a great question, and I’ve noticed that many people tend to overcomplicate or mishandle this process. So, let’s walk through exactly what we do and how you can implement a simple and effective live launch automation I call the Sorting Hat Automation.




🎯 Keeping it Simple: The Live Launch Automation

You’ve done the hard work of setting up your automation – the nurture sequences, funnels, and three-part ecosystem. This means there will always be a steady flow of people joining your email list and moving through different stages of your automation, receiving various emails and offers. But what happens when you plan to run a live promotion to your list? It’s crucial to keep providing offers, creating engagement, and hosting experiences and events without overwhelming your audience.

💌 The Importance of Balancing Live Launches and Funnels

Your nurture sequences and funnels do an excellent job of onboarding new subscribers. However, if you’re not making offers to your list, you could be missing out on potential conversions. The truth is, even the best funnels convert only a fraction of subscribers, around 10%. The remaining 90% could be left without hearing from you again if you solely rely on automated sequences. That’s why you need to balance both approaches.

💡 Finding the Middle Ground: The Sorting Hat Automation

While some marketers go down the route of complicated tag exclusions, and others simply send all offers to everyone, I prefer a middle ground. When it comes to live promotions, you want your audience engaged and excited, especially newer subscribers. So, I highly recommend focusing their attention on the live experience.

Let’s talk about how you can implement the Sorting Hat Automation (yeah, we’re big Harry Potter fans over here!) to manage your live launches like a pro. This simple yet powerful technique will not only prevent confusion and overwhelm but also give your promotions the attention they deserve! Curious? Keep reading, and I promise you’ll be thanking me later!

In this episode, I’m breaking down:

🎯 The importance of nurturing your email list even during live promotions! 

🎯 The two common approaches people take (and the one I actually recommend!) 

🎯 How to use the Sorting Hat Live Launch Automation to keep your audience engaged and focused during your live events. 

🎯 An advanced strategy for smart segmentation to deliver tailor-made content to your subscribers.

It’s all about finding the sweet spot between live promotions and nurturing your audience – and the Sorting Hat Automation is your secret weapon!

Ready to make your life simpler and launches more exciting? Dive into episode #169 of The Doing It Online Podcast right now!

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Tools and Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

  • ActiveCampaign (email marketing platform used for the Sorting Hat live launch automation)
  • eCourse Empire (our signature program that teaches you the secrets of successful course creation and marketing)

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