#105: New “shortcuts” for creating a successful course

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How would you like some profitable and easy online course ideas? I thought so! In this episode I’ve got a few (sleaze-free) “shortcuts” that are working really well right now, that’ll make your life easier…

Listen to the ep for the full experience. (Aussie accent. Occasional ramblings. Tangents. Plus, the full scoop. You don’t want to miss it.)



Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • How to leverage your expertise without the heavy-lifting of online course creation…
  • The top new shortcuts that are trending right now in the online course world…
  • My fave ideas right now for easy and consistent revenue (outside of funnels + creating your own course!) 

So you think you want to create an online course?

(Yes, you do, trust me you do.)

In fact, if I’m not talking about funnels, you’ll probably find me raving about how amazing, biz-changing and life-changing having an online course is…

But the dark side of these bad boys is that they are mega-time consuming.

Guess what, though…there are a few options for an easier way to create a successful online course that brings in all the amazing benefits, (reach more people, more revenue etc) but with WAY less stress and time. And today, we’re looking at a few of those alternatives, (or shortcuts) to make the online course creation world, just that bit easier…


If that’s your bullshit-o-metre that just went off, let me reassure you, these are not bullshit ways (I would never share them if they were), they are just new-ish things I’ve seen people doing that are working really well. And hey, if these ideas make sense for you and they can still bring in some of those benefits that you want, but without having to take up so much of your precious time…then why not? 

You can turn your siren off now. It’s still flashing… There you go. 

Profitable and easy online course ideas

Profitable + easy alternative online course ideas…

Shortcut idea #1: Purchase a private label resale (PLR) course

This one is definitely trending. And there’s two options for a PLR course, firstly you can buy certain programs or ebooks that allow you to rebrand and resell them as your own (and yes there are some dodgy ones out there, but there are also some really great ones!) Or you can simply sell it as it is. 

These are a brilliant option if you have a gap in your knowledge. For example, with us and Facebook ads. We’ve always liked to provide training on Facebook ads for our eCourse Empire members, but because that platform changes every 3 seconds, we decided to purchase a licence to an amazing program from a huge industry expert. This means we can resell it under their branding and with their name. 

Profitable? Heck yes. Easy? Yes! It’s a win-win for everybody because we don’t have to keep the course up-to-date, they do that as part of the licence we purchase, and our members get access to the best information and training. (While we don’t have to create it!) 

Or another option is you could add a program like this as an upsell, if it compliments your original offer or service. 

Shortcut idea #2: Create your own white-label course to re-sell 

If you’re a skilled specialist in an area that a lot of people need but aren’t necessarily experts in themselves, you could create a course to whitelist. 

You can start by building relationships with complementary course-creators. And when they purchase your course, it would usually be an ongoing licence, as opposed to a single-use (especially if it’s something that needs regular updating like Facebook ads), so you can end up with a successful, highly profitable, recurring revenue stream. 

The easy (or easier) part in this is that all the heavy lifting of marketing and selling the course isn’t then going to rest on your shoulders. Plus, you won’t be interacting or dealing with client’s questions, those interactions will stay with the licence holder and their clients.

Profitable and easy idea? Absolutely. It’s a fantastic “shortcut” if this makes sense for your skills + business.

Shortcut idea #3: Become an affiliate 

The third profitable idea for online courses made easy, is to become an affiliate and promote and launch a program like it was your own. 

You can also create an extra support experience that goes alongside this program. So again, you get all the benefits of having an online course, but you don’t actually have to create the thing itself. 

The support from the program is then delivered by the original course creator, apart from your personalised support experience, which will just bring in something special. 

Shortcut idea #4: Tech nerds: this one’s for you. 

If you use (and know, really REALLY well) an online platform such as Kajabi, or Kartra, you can become an affiliate for those programs AND offer legendary support for people. 

I’ve seen this done really successfully, and the way it works is people sign up for the platform using your affiliate link and then as long as they are a paying member of that software, they get access to your community and support.  

You could also offer upsells, if you are able (and want to) help them with another layer in their business. 

I go through more thoughts in the episode itself, but again this is just another option for bringing in reliable, consistent revenue, in a far easier format to creating a whole online course yourself!

And that’s our 4 new sleaze-free “shortcuts’ or, easy and profitable ideas for online courses…

Any of them sparking excitement or inspiration for you?

Still want to create an online course, whether it’s easy or not?

Yay, good for you! 

We super recommend you do!! Because even though it’s hard, it’s freaking worth it!! 

And we’ve got something for you too: I just did a series on creating an online course which is an amazing resource. I take you through what we recommend for finding your idea, what format to choose, how to price it, how to launch it and more, so check that series out too!

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Profitable and easy online course ideas

Profitable and easy online course ideas

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