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#98: How the heck do you launch an online course in 2022?

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How the heck do you launch an online course in 2022? Over the next few episodes, we’re going to get our practical hats on (as you know I love to do) and I’m going to walk you through the process of how to launch your own online course… Step by step


Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • An exercise to help you narrow down all your ideas and choose the one to build your online course around…
  • How to set yourself up with a course that you’ll love to teach even years down the track…

If you’re passionate about or have expertise in a certain topic, and you’re working 1:1 with people, you might have wished there could be a way to download parts of your brain and package it up so it could be delivered in a more scalable way…

Creating an online course could be for you. 

However! Let me just bust a myth first…

The Myth: Creating a course is a quick way of generating extra revenue. 

Busted: There is nothing quick and easy about creating an online course. (Unless you have a huge following and a big team.)

You know I’m all about the real talk. 

So, no, an online course is not a quick fix, but it is an asset

And once it is set up and done? You’ll wonder what you (and your business) did without it…

Because when you spend the time in getting the course up and running, and master how to promote and systemise it, then you will have an extra revenue stream that frees you up…

Sounds great, right? But how do you get started?

Well that’s what this new series is all about! I’m basically giving you a condensed version of one of the projects we have inside eCourse Empire. And in this episode I’ve got an exercise for you to help you narrow down and figure out what your online course could be about…

What will your online course be about?

Before you go into the exercise I’m going to take you through, it’s important to know that this isn’t about a niche or a topic, it’s about an outcome…

This is about finding an outcome or transformation (helping them get there faster, easier and with less stress!) for an ideal client. 

I recommend listening to the episode itself as I walk you through each step in far more detail! But here is the overview of the exercise to help you figure out what outcome to focus on and create a course framework around… 

The exercise

Get some paper + pens, (a few different colours are handy if you can) and take yourself off to a cafe or anywhere you can get some peace and quiet for a bit. 

  1. List all the outcomes your target market is looking for. Don’t censor yourself, these are allowed to be crazy or not make any sense for you. One strange idea might spark an idea for an amazing idea, so just write it all out.
  2. Put a tick next to all the ideas you actually can help them with, or would be qualified or skilled to help them with, and cross out the others. 
  3. Go back through the list and put another tick (in a different colour if you have it) next to the ideas you’d be excited to help them with. 
  4. Put another tick (in another colour if you’ve got it) next to the ones you KNOW they are happy to invest in to solve. (Are they already making purchases and investments to try and fix that issue?
  5. And finally, put a 4th tick in a new colour, next to the ones that you’re pretty sure you would still be happy to be talking about in 5 years time…

Now, look at your pretty list…

Do any of your ideas have 4 ticks next to them? Yes? Congratulations: you’re on your way to a killer course idea…

More than 1 idea?

Got more than 1 idea with 4 ticks? No problem! If you need to decide between more than one idea, then the next few episodes in this series will help you to refine these ideas further. And they’ll help you choose which one will be what we call in eCourse Empire your ‘Hells Yes! Offer.’ 

Which means it will be the most profitable offer, the most enjoyable offer to deliver and the easiest offer to sell… 

If you’re keen to hear more about eCourse Empire, and get more in depth focus and detail (plus all our support!) while creating your online course, check it out here, we’d love to have you!


98: "How the heck do you launch an online course in 2022?" 98: How the heck do you launch an online course in 2022?"

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