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#97: How to avoid the ‘Covid Launch Curse…’

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How to avoid the ‘Covid Launch Curse…’ Yes, it is a real thing. 

It’s a weird phenomenon right now where people are gearing up for a big launch and then? They get the plague.

 So! Let’s go through some ideas to help you covid proof + “life-proof” your launches…


Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • 4 ideas for protecting your launches from the unexpected…
  • The number 1 MOST important part of “life-proofing” your launches and your biz…

Hey entrepreneur!

Do you have your new badge yet? The one that says “YAY! I’m a REAL entrepreneur now because sh*t hit the fan in the middle of a big launch?”

It could be Covid. It could be that your team or family got sick…

And while the old rite of passage for an online entrepreneur used to be: “My webinar crashed and burned so I must be a REAL entrepreneur now!” 

This is the new rite of passage. 

And let’s face it, it’s not just Covid that can show up during a launch, all kinds of things can happen. 

Life just shows up. 

And it’s made it more clear than ever how much it sucks to rely on a launch, AND for a launch to rely on YOU…

Because “life” happening at launch time, can affect your revenue, your community engagement and customer care, in a really big way…

So, how can we “life-proof” our launches?

Let’s dive into a few ideas…

1 – Don’t leave anything to the last minute.

So, our first tip for how to avoid the Covid Launch Curse? It’s all in the plan.

Launch planning begins 2, even 3 months ahead of time.

And I know this isn’t common knowledge, because a lot of people are so surprised by this when they got through our ‘Live Launch’ project in our eCourse Empire program.

But it’s so critical that you are giving yourself (and your team) as much buffer as you possibly can, knowing that literally “life” can happen at any second. 

If there are floods, or power surges or daycare shutting down, you don’t want to be left with so small a margin for error that you can’t shuffle something over to the following week. 

Getting everything planned out well in advance is going to be key for protecting your launch from the stuff of “life.”

The second part to this equation is also to make sure you’re being smart about your launches, and reuse and repurpose where you can. You don’t want to be creating a launch from scratch each time. 

We like to take things that have worked previously and build on and improve them, so that the set up and creation time is significantly less. 

2 – Run the contingency plans with your team + have back ups ready

You’ve planned your launch well ahead of time? That’s awesome! And our second tip for how to avoid the Covid Launch Curse is all about the backup plan!

Now, because I fully, wholeheartedly believe that funnels and launches work AMAZINGLY together, doing some sort of live something, a few times a year is a kind of necessary evil, (even if we don’t super love it). So, then we need to figure out a contingency plan for those live parts of our launches…

How to avoid the 'Covid Launch Curse'

Here are some ideas:

  • If you’re suddenly unable to run the calls during the day because your kids will be home, can you switch to evening live calls?
  • If you can’t attend the calls live at all is there a team member who can step in for you and answer the questions? 
  • Are there any replay recordings you can run?
  • Maybe you could create a document ahead of time of the most commonly asked questions and have that ready to hand over to a team member. 

I go into these ideas more in depth in the episode as well as a few others, so give that a listen to help get your back up plan working. 

3 – Reduce what is actually live (optional)

We experimented with this idea in our most recent launch. Because most of my team (and their households) were running through Covid, and dealing with floods etc, we decided to try doing something that was almost totally pre-recorded and pre-scheduled. 

That might be an idea to experiment with on a smaller scale, I wouldn’t recommend trying this with a launch that had a lot riding on it, income-wise. But it could be worth seeing if people still get amazing value and if it converts as well for you. 

4 – Have funnels!! They are now so important. 

I can’t stress this enough… 

…you do not want your launches to be a ‘make or break’ scenario in your business. 

This is why I believe that everyone should have a funnel (that actually works!). 

And it’s also why our goal for our program members is to create their funnels to be set up in such a way that they cover their bills, their staff and expenses, every month, reliably. 

Then anything else you make on top of that during a launch, is a nice revenue-cherry on top. 

This is probably the most important part of “life-proofing” your launches. Because if you have that funnel working for you in the background, if something does happen or you have to cancel or postpone your launch, your business (and your world) won’t come crashing down…

Where to from here?

If you’d like help with setting up your funnels with figuring out how to systemize your launches and all of that good stuff, then come on over to eCourse empire.

That’s exactly what we do.

We have all the tools, templates, planners and of course – the team to support and advise you. 

And we’d love to have you in there and help you to create, grow, automate scale, your online course to six figures and above.

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#97: How to avoid the 'covid launch curse' #97: How to avoid the 'covid launch curse'

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