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#148: The biggest mistakes you’re making when trying to scale your business to 7 figures

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Two steps forward and one step back.

Some folks might call that a cha-cha. We call it a pain in the ass.

Because here’s the thing:

You’ve been cha-cha-ing in your business for too long now. You’re comfortably hitting the 6-figure mark and are more than ready to scale your business to 7 figures.

And the fact you’re still stuck exactly where you were 6 months, a year, maybe even a couple of years ago, is frustrating as hell.

 It’s also more than a little predictable. Because there are a whole bunch of business owners cha-cha-ing along there with you.

 Mostly because they’re making at least one of these suuuuper common mistakes.

Let’s take a look and see if any of them sounds familiar…


The most common mistakes folks make when trying to scale their business to 7 figures:

1. Spending more on ads.

By the time you hit 6 figures, you think you’ve got a pretty good handle on how it all works: you’ve created an offer people love, you’ve got a great sales page, you know how to launch, you’re getting good results … you’ve ticked all the right boxes.

The temptation then is to think that all you need to do to crack 7 figures is to pump more people through that system. 

And how are you going to do that? You’re going to spend more on ads.

That’s mistake #1 — and it’s why a ton of people get stuck at 6 figs.

There’s a point where you’ll just max out because spending more on ads actually costs you more. 

You might have started with a $100 spend on Facebook ads to sell your program. Then you double it to $200 and before you know it your spend has gone up to $500. And it gets harder every time because Facebook used up the pool of people most likely to buy with that first round of ads. So you end up spending more to get the same results.

 Essentially, you might be making more sales but getting less profit because of ad spend.

2. Optimizing everything.

The second most common mistake when trying to scale your business is spending all of your time and energy optimizing every little thing.

Here’s how it happens:

You’ve just dropped a whole bunch of $$$ on more ads (see mistake #1) and you’re still not hitting the numbers you hoped for — something must be wrong. And that’s when you fall down the optimizing rabbit hole.

Maybe if you switch that “buy now” button from blue to red. Or tweak the subject lines in your emails. Or maybe that call-to-action on your sales page could be stronger…

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with looking back over the fundamentals and tweaking what needs to be tweaked.

But spending the bulk of your time, energy, and resources on these tiny shifts that’ll, at best, increase your sales by 1% here and 1% there is not going to help you double or treble your sales. Particularly if you’ve set benchmarks for things like open rates and are, generally, in the “healthy” range.

It’s just going to take up all your time, leave you feeling super frustrated, and pull your focus from finding the bigger things that will help you scale your business.

So know your benchmarks, know what a good open rate, a good click-through rate, and a good opt-in rate looks like for you, and if you’re hitting those, stop obsessing and start focusing on the bigger needle movers.

3. Hoping for the “unicorn” launch.

You’ve heard the stories: the business owner that had this one launch that changed everything for them. You know, they changed their “buy now” button to orange and made a million bucks.

Truth is, this meteoric rise off the back of a single launch happens to like 1% of people (and it’s never, ever down to the orange button, obvs!) and success for everyone else looks like years of hard work.

But it doesn’t stop you from obsessing over your own next launch, hoping you’ll find that unicorn.

And like the obsessive tweaking of subject lines and button colors, focusing on your next big launch is a massive time suck. It takes up all of your energy and doesn’t leave you with the headspace and the resources you need to invest in the things that will actually help you grow.

You end up stuck in a cycle of quarterly launches, where you spend a month setting your launch up, another month running it, and a whole other month just recovering before starting the whole process again.

That’s why we’re all about evergreen launching. It’s almost like weaning people off the addictive rush of a big launch and focusing instead on smaller, more regular, more dialed-in, and more repeatable launches, which still bring in great numbers in terms of sales but cause far less stress.

Do any of these mistakes sound familiar? Cool! Recognizing where you’re going wrong is the essential first step that’ll help you to finally start scaling.

And if you’re up for a deeper dive, we look at another couple of really common mistakes in our latest pod episode — hit play on that here for the juicy details.

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