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#145: How to Simplify Your Business Now and Still Make More Sales This Year

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Pull back the layers on some of the most successful businesses — the folks you follow and admire — and you’ll find one thing:


It’s that ability to refine rather than add.

And it isn’t just the key to less stress (AKA actually enjoying being a business owner) but it’s the key to more sales too.

The problem is, the process of simplifying your business, at this point, feels like another stress-y “to-do”. Oh, the irony.

That’s why, today, I’m looking at easy wins to help you simplify your business so you can have more ease and more success.


It’s inevitable — the longer you’ve been in business, the more stuff you’ve added. It might be offers, marketing channels, processes, whatever, but it’s all whirring in the background taking up valuable real estate in your head.

With complication comes stress. The more frazzled you feel, the harder it is to know where to focus your energy — and that’s when sales start to slump.

So I’m going to suggest a few things that you can do right now to simplify your business so you can focus your energy on making more sales this year.

If you have a little CEO time carved out this week, get yourself a good, strong coffee (a muffin wouldn’t hurt either) and commit to working on at least one of these:

1. Simplify your messaging.

The first thing to work on is simplifying your messaging.

You need to be sure that for every offer you’ve created, there’s a clear message about what it does for people: what main outcome does it promise, what main problem does it solve, and who is it for?

And when you’ve homed in on it, you need to communicate that big, powerful, refined message clearly on your sales page, your socials, and everywhere in between.

2. Simplify your program.

The second thing to simplify is your actual program — think of it as a spring clean for your content.

Sit down with your program and look through both its contents and how it’s delivered.

Are there outdated bits, elements that people just aren’t using, or things people don’t love? Removing them from your teaching makes life easier for you and for your people!

[Not sure what should stay and what should go? Head on over to pod episode 143 where we talked about customer surveys that show you exactly what people do and don’t love about your program. Listen here.]

3. Simplify your selling.

We know from experience, this is a big one.

Because the longer you’ve been in business and the more you learn about sales, the more strategies and tactics you layering on until your launches and promotions become so complicated it takes months to set them up.

And here’s the thing: they generally don’t perform any better than the simple ones!

That’s why, last year, we made the decision to quit launching and created a process that is simpler, repeatable, and semi-automated — and it was the best thing we could’ve done (more on that here.) 

So sit down and think about what you could simplify this year — and if you want to make improvements in any of the 3 areas covered here (no 3. is definitely a biggie!), head on over to the pod where we go into each one in more detail.

Oh, and if strategy no.3 — simplifying your sales process — has you saying “hells yes”, you are going to love this 20-minute Never Launch Again masterclass that’ll show you how to sell without the stress.. Or the launches!

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