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Why you need a $5K Funnel

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One question I get asked all the time is “Why is it called $5K Funnel Formula… especially when so many people’s funnels end up making much, much more?”

Well I personally believe earning $5K consistently (and without hustle) is one of the key milestones for any course or coaching business.

And I’m going to tell you WHY (and how you can do it) in this video right here.

Why a $5K Funnel? – The Reason

The $5K funnel came from conversations that I had with some of my old clients where it became really apparent that most solopreneurs who are selling courses or online programs are on a very similar journey.

And I noticed, for a lot of people that I worked with, that hitting a real milestone every single month was crucial.

All without having to do any hustling or selling.

Knowing that you were going to receive enough income into your bank to pay all of your bills and to pay yourself a bit as well, was a real milestone.

And that number that they wanted to receive that would be that milestone or make that big difference, that would mean they can stop stressing.

It would mean that there’s just a little bit less weight on their shoulders at the start of each month and that means they don’t have to be so reactive all the time.

They can start becoming strategic, they can start actually spending time doing more of the things they like, spending time on real growth because they know they’ve got their baseline covered.

And they know that they can pay their bills, pay themselves, and for a lot of them, replace what might be their full-time income.

For a lot of people that number that kept coming up again and again was $5K.

So if you had $5,000 without having to hustle for it, it could really change things for you and your business.

It’s changed their mindset, it changed their business, it changed the kind of work they could do, it changed how they slept, it changed their home life and their happiness.

It was just a really, really crucial and important point and that was really helping people to get to that step and then beyond.

And the funnel that we create inside the $5K Funnel Formula, is not just about creating $5K a month.

Why a $5K Funnel? – 5K and Beyond

This exact same funnel has been scaled up and proven.

One of my star students is on track for $415K+  this year from using my $5K Funnel Formula.

But $5K is a really important, first step milestone to reach.

The second reason why I went with 5K is well, it’s an alliteration, and I love an alliteration, 5K Funnel Formula.

It’s just catchy!

$5K as a benchmark is a really useful amount, not just for your business but it can be a life changing amount.

And it’s also really doable.

I didn’t want people to think it was going to be some crazy, sleazy, mad marketing tactics.

I wanted it to seem like something that was achievable for them, and their business for where they’re at, because you know that feeling, what it’s like when you’re  stuck in the day to day, and you’ve been spinning your wheels for a while.

Why you need a $5k funnel

And as much as you know that, in your heart of hearts, you’d love it to be millions of dollars.

Sometimes, when you shoot too big, it feels impossible, and when you think something’s impossible, then you already have told yourself you can’t do it.

So, I wanted to help people create and set this thing up that’s going to be worse case scenario is going to be a few thousand dollars a month, but is going to be set up, and the work is done.

And then it’s ready for it to grow and grow and grow to however big they want it, because it’s really, once it’s in, it’s this asset that you have and that can grow to be, like I said, as big or small as you’d like.

And that’s the third part of our programme.

We go through how to add momentum, how to amplify and accelerate.

You’ll find out it’s however big you want, but it’s using that same 5K Funnel Formula.

So that’s why I wanted to answer that question because I know some people see it.

And it is the same process that you can use to get $50,000 a month or $100,000 a month or whatever your goal is.

If you want to get a little bit of a sneak peek behind the scenes and how it all works, if you’d like to actually get walked through what the blueprint of the 5K Funnel Formula, then jump into my free workshop here

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