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#116: 3 Reasons Your Funnel Flopped

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Why isn’t your funnel working? Or is it working brilliantly and you just don’t know what you’re looking for? Funnels are powerful (even magical?) but they’re also tricky to get right if you’re not sure what you’re doing! So, in this episode let’s look at 3 reasons why your funnel flopped…



Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • 3 mistakes to avoid if you haven’t built your funnel yet, OR 3 reasons why your funnel isn’t working as well as you’d like… (Or, it flopped, let’s just call a spade a spade.)
  • Why a working, effective funnel is so damn important. (And why you need one!)
  • 2 action steps you can take TODAY to create the funnel of your dreams!

If you haven’t devoted the last far too many years of your life into learning the in’s and out’s of funnels… 

Then you probably don’t know why your funnel isn’t working… 

Or, if it is actually working better than you thought! (It happens all the time, trust me.)

And that’s ok, it’s a crazy, nerdy, technical world out there and there’s a lot to navigate through. 

That’s why you have us!

In this episode I’ll walk you through the first 3 things you want to look at to find out why your funnel isn’t working, or just isn’t blowing your socks off. 

So, you can fix that, OR avoid making these mistakes if you haven’t built your funnel yet and then your funnel can do what it was created to do: bring you sales regularly, reliably every single week. 

Which leads us into…

Why do you need a working funnel?

What’s the big deal with funnels anyway guys? Are they just a trend? Why do you need one?

Let me put it like this: if you sell things online, (we help create funnels for programs + offers, but this applies to physical products too), and you don’t have a working funnel, then you don’t actually have a business. What you have is a super stressful, often badly paid job.

(Ouch, sorry. They come for the memes and they stay for the tough love.) 

A business should allow you to take holidays, pay yourself a good salary, set your work hours + days, and it supports you and your life. 

This is why I’m super passionate about helping people design their businesses and set up the systems so that their biz works for and supports them. 

Not the other way around. 

Funnels serve a number of different purposes, but our first focus is usually to add more revenue and help bring in extra income. 

This is our first goal inside eCourse Empire, to help our members hit their Financial Freedom Checkpoint, or FFC. (Which means that all their expenses + tax + 20% buffer are covered, reliably, on autopilot.) 

Plus, a working funnel can support your launches, taking away the stress. Meaning no more ‘make or break’ launches.

So, I think we can all agree that funnels are super, duper important. (And if you still need convincing, have a listen to the episode because I dive into this more and the relationship between funnels and launches etc. It’s a good one, so check it out. 


So they’re important? Yes. Easy to create + set up? Yes, if you know what you’re doing.

If you don’t…

3 reasons your funnel flopped:

Reason #1: Wrong Expectations

We see this a lot! More than you might think. People come to us thinking that their funnel is broken and they’ve lost hope in it. But then we look at their stats and see their smashing the benchmarks for that funnel. (Every funnel has a different set of benchmarks and goals to hit.) But they didn’t know what they were looking for, so rather than ramp up their funnel… they turned it off. Oops! 

They just didn’t know what to look for. (I go into some of those benchmarks in the episode, so give it a listen.)

Reason #2: Your Offer Isn’t ‘Funnel Friendly’

Your offer needs to be an easy ‘hells yes’ for your audience. It needs to be clear, super valuable, be an enticing price – (not cheap, or even necessarily a low price) – and it needs to be something you love to deliver. 

The marketing for your offer is super important. The price, the delivery method all have to match the way you market it. It takes a lot of strategy and crafting (+ testing!) to get this balance all right and working like a dream. 

When choosing your offer for your funnel, it’s all about ‘best foot forwards’. I go into more details in the episode to really flesh out what a ‘Hells yes! offer’ is and the strategy around choosing yours.

Reason #3: No Margin for Marketing…

And the third reason why your funnel might not be working brilliantly, is because you haven’t allowed a margin for marketing. 

For people who already have a large audience and have an engaged following on their list, YouTube, etc, they will probably have a lot of organic traffic. Which is amazing, because organic traffic tends to convert at a higher rate than cold traffic. Plus, its free.

But building that audience is a VERY slow burn. You can’t wake up to a million YouTube followers overnight, sadly. In the meantime, you’ll need to allow for a marketing budget. 

Which means you need to make sure that the price of your Funnel Friendly Offer needs a buffer (perhaps 30% – 50%) for your marketing. And working that out can take some testing and calculating to make sure it’s still profitable for you in the end. Which is why it’s so important that you know what to look for, and avoid Reason #1!

Do not try this at home! Funnel at your own risk. 

Ok, we’re playing. But only sort of. You wouldn’t go and try DIY-ing something complicated on your hair, would you? (Would you?) No! You’d go to the experts.



It’s the same with funnels, you can save a lot of time, resources, energy, (+ tears) and get amazing momentum and results if you go see a funnel expert in the first place. 

And funnels are just as life-changing as a brand new hairdo. 

When it comes to setting up something as important and game-changing as a funnel, you’re going to want to go see the nerds, I mean the experts… 

Hello! That’s us.

So, your action plan:

If you want some specialist help getting your funnel to work, there are 2 things you can do TODAY to make that happen…

One: You can apply for our next intake of eCourse Empire and snap up a spot…

Click here to apply now!


Two: you can join me, live, for our next totally free 90 min group coaching session ‘Evergreen Sales Machine’ where I’ll walk you through the three steps to make 5+ sales every single week! (Without stressful launching or sales calls!) Yep, this is even if you have a premium offer. 

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See you there!



3 Reasons Why Your Funnel Isn't Working3 Reasons Why Your Funnel Isn't Working

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