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#182: Q: Do I have the wrong offer… or the wrong audience?

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Have you launched a new offer into the world but received not-so-great results? If things haven’t quite gone quite as you’d hoped, you may need to ask yourself: do you have the wrong offer or the wrong audience?


I’ve had several clients ask me recently how to think about a launch that fails to produce the outcome they expected, and what to do next. If you’ve experienced this too, please don’t panic. There’s no need to delete your email list or scrap everything and start anew. Instead, take a deep breath, a step back, and really evaluate where things might be going wrong.



So, how do you know if you have the wrong offer or the wrong audience?

The first step in identifying the issue is examining whether your offer is the culprit. Consider the following:

1. Offer Delivery: 

Does the way you deliver your offer match your audience’s expectations? Does it align with their time constraints and learning style? Take the time to not only understand what your audience wants, but who they are and how they want to be helped.


2. Your Role:

How are you showing up and selling? Does your offer allow you to sell in a way that resonates with you, or does it feel forced? Find that happy place between delivering what your audience wants and selling in a way that feels right to you.


3. Type of Offer:

You may have created your offer based on what other people have told you to do, whether it’s the price point or type of offer itself. But does it make sense for how you’re wanting your business to run, or the impact you’re hoping to make?


4. Engagement Activities:

If you’ve conducted webinars, workshops, or challenges and received engagement – but low conversions –  it might signal that your offer doesn’t align with your audience’s needs. Take another look at how your offer is structured and whether it really solves your client’s problem.


5. Belief in Your Offer:

Do you genuinely believe in the value your offer provides? If you’re not sure whether your offer actually does what you say it’s going to do, you may need to do some tweaking in order to trust that what you’re selling will have its intended outcome.



Now, let’s explore the possibility that you’ve attracted the wrong audience:

1. Low Engagement: 

It’s possible to build a substantial email list or see an influx of new subscribers through things like giveaways or competitions. However, new leads don’t guarantee real engagement. If you have poor email open rates and click-through rates, there may be disinterest or a misalignment between your content and your audience’s interests.

2. High Refunds and Customer Service Issues:

Frequent refunds and customer service complaints suggest a disconnect between your audience’s expectations and what your offer delivers. Firstly, it’s important to make sure there’s not an issue with your program and to listen to people if they’re not happy. However, it could come down to the deeper problem of a mismatch between you and your audience.

3. Resistance to Sales:

Many people are able to build a large following by providing a certain amount of free content. However, if your audience reacts negatively when you attempt to put a price on your expertise, they may not be seeing the value in what you’re offering, and are therefore not the right people for your offer.

Moving Forward: Tweak and Test

Once you’ve diagnosed the issue and truly understand whether you have the wrong offer or the wrong audience, it’s time to tweak and test. What adjustments can you make so that your offer is better aligned with your audience? How can you deliver your offer differently and test it out in the real world? 

Remember, growing an audience takes an investment of time and money, not to mention putting your heart on the line. You may have the wrong offer or the wrong audience – or perhaps even both – but there’s absolutely no need to burn down the progress you’ve worked so hard for. Rather, you can view disappointment as an opportunity for learning, refinement and continuous improvement in your business.









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