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4 Webinar Headline Secrets to Boost Webinar Registrations

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You have big goals for your webinar…

You dream of being inundated with people clicking ‘sign up now’ to your kick-ass webinar and learn from you.

But you’ve put it out into the world and you’re sitting in front of your computer waiting……but no one is signing up…


What do you do now that no one is signing up for your webinar?

Firstly don’t push the panic button…

4 Webinar Headline Secrets to Boost Webinar Registrations


If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how to fix a dud webinar…well let’s just say it’s one of the questions I get asked the most (and not surprisingly it’s also one of the steps in my $5k Funnel Formula Program.)

Which is why I‘ve created this video to share some simple tweaks that you can make right now, to help you transform a dud webinar to a killer one that converts with lots of people signing up – and I mean the RIGHT people signing up to learn from you!

Because guess what?! 80% of your problem comes down to your Webinar Headline.

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But here’s the thing…you need to be objective when looking at the elements on your landing page. I know that’s hard when it comes to something you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating, but you won’t get anywhere if you stick your head in the sand and pretend everything you create is perfection…

So my first tip is to…




Your Landing Page

Go on! 

And if you can’t be objective, find someone who can – ask a biz friend, a coach, your dog, for their honest opinion.

So what makes up a great webinar headline?

  1. Is it Short & Sharp?

    Does it grab the reader’s attention both in what it says and how it looks (large font). No one wants to read a paragraph for a headline – so keep it short and to the point.

  2. Is it pain or solution-focused?

    Speak to the pain/problem they’re feeling/facing or the solution (what they really, really want). 
    Real talk – nobody cares about your method or how you’re going to help them – they just want an outcome, the end result, the solution. They want to know that you can help them get from where they are now (aka struggle town) to where they want to go (living the dream).

  3. Does it speak their language?

    What are your people telling you? I mean what are they actually telling you – the thoughts running through their heads – in their own words NOT using technical or expert terms. Remember you’re the expert… not them, and if they’re attending a FREE webinar, they’re generally beginners or at an entry-level phase. Speak to them in their words, with their terminology – don’t be clever or get carried away being fancy!

  4. Does it sound “doable” but not “done-able” 

    By using words like;

    • Quick
    • Easy
    • Fast
    • Cheap

    You will be speaking directly to your ideal client and customer and helping silence the objections they have for signing up. Because let’s be honest, they’re going to come up with plenty of excuses why they can’t sign up and learn what you’re offering.

    Think about the excuses that people have for why they can’t do something or fix their problem? Also consider if they’ve tried something similar before and it didn’t work.

    Pick the most common objection and speak to that. 

    Too complicated? Then give them “3 easy ways to xyz”

    Too expensive? Give them “3 free ways to xyz”

    It must scream to the reader – THIS IS ACHIEVABLE – otherwise they’ll simply close their browser, not sign up, leaving you further wondering why oh why they haven’t signed up yet!

    And while done-able technically isn’t a word…all it means is that this seemingly has never been done before. It’s new. Something they haven’t tried before.

"4 epic (and highly converting) webinar headline tips"

So there you have it! 

Perfecting your Webinar Headline + Tagline Duo is the “secret” to increasing your webinar registrations.

If you’re able to nail most of the above tips for your Headline Tagline Combo – you’re well on your way to a webinar that kills it!

And at the end of the day – opinions are great but the real MVP is AB Testing! Get yourself a tech tool that allows you to split test different headline options to see which converts the best.

Now go forth and create your own epic (and highly converting) webinar headlines! 

Know your numbers!

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