#74: Mini promos to end the year with a big business kaboom.

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Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • A mini self audit to work out what type of ‘end-of-year-entrepreneur you are this year…
  • Some fun and festive (+ quick/easy) ideas to boost your biz at this time…
  • How to get people lining up at your virtual doors to buy your offer…

#74: Mini promos to end the year with a big business kaboom.

Well, it’s the end of the year and ‘tis the season for entrepreneurs to split into 2 groups:


(By the way, neither group is wrong, and I’ve been both. I kinda alternate between the two, depending on the year.) 

Group A: 

You guys are pretty much done. You’re ready to start slowing down and your to-do list currently includes trimming the tree, watching cheesy Christmas movies and eating your weight’s worth in santa-shaped everything.

This episode is not for you. Please go pour yourself something sparkly, find a Mariah Carey anything and relax. You freaking deserve it. 

#74: Mini promos to end the year with a big business kaboom.

Group B: 

If you’re in this group, you know exactly how many weeks/days/hours are left in the year and you’re ready to squeeze as much out of them as you can. You’re going to end this year with a big, business KABOOM. 

And we’re here for that too. 

#74: Mini promos to end the year with a big business kaboom.

So, in this episode I’m going to brainstorm some big ‘bang for your buck’ mini promotions you can run in your business and smash your end of year goals…

Quick note: These don’t just have to be end of year promos, you could start planning to make them an awesome way to kick off the new year too if that suits you better!

So let’s dive in!

‘Get shit done’ challenges

Ah, I love this one. And actually, this type of mini promo works brilliantly as a start of year option if you’re looking at doing that. 

These are awesome because they’re designed to create community and accountability, which brings a level of excitement and buzz for people to kick goals together. So these can be super fun. 

Depending on what type of market you have, you could set up a LIVE challenge for either 14 day, 30 day, 60 day even if you’re doing it in the new year. 

Easy to set up? Check.

Easy to deliver? Check.

Awesome impact for your audience. Yup!

Planning workshop

Again, these work well at either the end of the year or start of a new one. 

And a planning workshop can apply to so many niches: helping people in their business, or with their health or maybe organising their classrooms, there’s so many options. 

It’s an awesome opportunity for an online event that can bring like-minded people together to honour the year that was, start planning, get inspired, share wins etc. 

Offer a trial

This would only work for certain programs, but another mini-promo I love for this time of year is offering a trial experience of one of your programs. 

This is also only going to be really powerful if you don’t do it too often. 

In the episode I give you some more info around how you could implement this in your business, so give that a listen to get some more ideas here. 

Offer a longer payment plan

I love this one too! (Maybe I just love them all?) 

An extended 12 month payment plan or something similar can be awesome this time of year, when people are feeling more aware of their investments. 

Again, you wouldn’t want to do this one too often, and there are of course downsides to having a longer payment plan, but if you’re only doing them once a year they can be a great way to just make it super easy for people to say yes to your offer…

Offer in their currency

Another option is to allow people to pay in their home currency for a limited time. So for example, if you have a large segment of your audience that’s in America or Australia, or the UK, you could run a promotion directly to that segment and let them know they can purchase in their own currency. This means they wouldn’t have to worry about exchange rates and the losses that might go with that. 

Again, this one works if you don’t do it too often. 

Workbooks or bonuses (Mini-bundle)

Have a look through your programs and see if you’ve got any workbooks or bonuses that you could break off from and package up together as a separate mini offer. 

I love this one because it can be so quick and easy to pull together, but can be an amazing opportunity for people who might love a sample of your programs. Just exclude any of the trainings or support and you’ve got yourself a perfect little ‘taste test’ for them. 

The super-bundle

I know a lot of you are serial course-creators like I am, (they’re addictive, right?) so, the super-bundle wraps a big giant cape around some or all of them to create one awesome, new, massive offer…

…at an amazing price that they won’t get anywhere else. (FOMO alert.)

The key with this one is to make sure the programs complement each other in some way or make sense to go together. 

Again, this one works better if you only do it once a year and it can be an amazing ‘bang for your buck’ because it will be at a much higher price point. 

Waitlist + giveaway!

We just ran a waitlist promotion, so you know we love this one. It’s kind of like a 48hr launch, in the way it’s set up, which can be a great one to fit in before the end of the year. 

The launch itself would be 48 hrs, but you’d promote it for about a week beforehand, just to create some excitement and build up for it. 

You also want to have an amazing discount on the offer (usually 30% or more). And because it has such a short marketing window, you’ll want to use a program that would be under $500 with the discount. 

The secret sauce to the waitlist promotion is actually an amazing giveaway strategy, which I got from the amazing Alex Beadon where the very first person to purchase your program from the waitlist wins their money back AND cash bonus. People will literally be lining up to burst through the virtual doors and purchase from the waitlist, so it’s an awesome idea if you can implement it. 

12-days of Christmas promotion

This one can be so much fun to run, especially at this time of year when the vibes are a bit more ‘celebratory’ and party-season-y. 

And to tie it into the whole ‘12 days of Christmas’ thing, with this mini promotion, you would promote a different offer for each of the 12 days.

For example, a bonus, a discount or a bundle, etc. 

It can be super fun and can get you some great results too!

#74: Mini promos to end the year with a big business kaboom.

Final thought

The other option for you to consider (and specifically if your goals at the moment are around list building more than revenue), you could consider offering a giveaway or maybe even doing something for charity.

Well, if you loved this and you’re thinking of trying out one of these before the end of the year or even to kick off 2022 with, and you’re wondering how to pull together a successful sales page and emails in time, we’ve got the perfect thing to help! In Episode 24 I walk you through how to create a sales page that sells and in Episode 56 we plan out your launch emails together. So, you my friend, are set. 

Happy mini-promo-ing!



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