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#93: What funnels are REALLY working in 2022?

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Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • What you need to be focusing on when building your own funnels or for others in 2022…(And why funnels are more important than EVER!)
  • How to fix the drop in show up rates for webinars. (We’re giving you 3 ideas to test!)
  • The big mindset shift you’re going to need to adapt to the changes in marketing right now…

Today I’m going to spill the tea on what we’re seeing working (or not working) in funnels right now…

As with everything, there’s always trends and things are always changing. And it seems especially in the last few years that the world has been changing rapidly. 

So whether you’re creating funnels for yourself, or (more importantly) for others, it’s so critical that you have your finger on the pulse, so you know what is or isn’t working so you and your clients can get the results you’re after. 

I’m a big believer that the right funnel, at the right time, done in the right way, is such a powerful life-changing, business-changing tool…

So let’s dive in. 

The Big Three Overview

So, the good news is that we’re still seeing great success with what I call the big three: webinar funnels, application funnels and self liquidating offer funnels (or what we call Mini But Mighty funnels…)

These three funnels are still working really well, across a wide range of niches. (As long as they were set up properly to begin with!) 

But there are some key differences, and that’s what I want to walk you through today. 

The Webinar Funnel 

First up, let’s look at webinar funnels. 

At the moment, there’s a huge shift with both live and evergreen webinars where across the board people are seeing a huge drop in their show up rates. 

There could be many reasons for this, and whether this will change in coming months is yet to be seen. But for now it’s important to note that it doesn’t mean the conversion rates are down, just the show up rates. 

And this just means everyone needs to get a little bit creative, and of course, experiment… 

Getting Creative with Webinar Funnels…

As always, I recommend only experimenting with one of these ideas at a time, and I don’t recommend you start your webinar with an experiment. Stick to the tried and true to begin with and then experiment later. This will give you an original benchmark to compare to. 

I go into this more in the episode and why it’s important, so definitely give that a listen. 

Experiment #1: Shorter webinars

A lot of people are going for shorter webinars, so creating something that’s around 20-30 mins instead of the usual 45-60 minutes. 

But this doesn’t include the pitch, so a 30 minute webinar would be 30 minutes of teaching, a 15 minute pitch and would still total 45 minutes instead of the standard 1hr. 

If you’re playing around with the length, you just need to make sure you’re still following the structure and being super intentional about what you put in your teaching section. You need to make sure you’re still giving great value and covering everything you need to cover. 

Experiment #2: Sending out a teaser

Another idea to test is to keep your webinar the same length, but slice a really juicy piece of the teaching out and send that as a little teaser for those who register. You could either send it out beforehand, or send it afterwards to those who registered but didn’t show up. Something like “Hey, everyone loved this and we didn’t want you to miss out!” Could work and then just make sure to include an option to click through and watch the whole presentation. 

Experiment #3: Sending out the replay to everyone. 

A third option I’ve seen working really well is to actually send the replay out to your whole list, whether they registered or not. But only make it available for a limited time. 

The Bigger Picture

Now, before I give you an overview here, I want to suggest that you listen to the full episode because this stuff is really important. What we’re seeing is a pretty big shift in the way that we’re fueling funnels and launches, and you’re going to want to deep dive into this.

#93: What funnels are REALLY working in 2022?

So basically, as I said, the biggest difference we’re seeing right now is with how everyone across the board is fueling their funnels and launches. Or in other words, the role that both warm and cold audiences are playing now. 

To cut a long story short, it’s not as easy to just post Facebook ads and promote a launch to a cold audience and get the numbers you’re hoping for. 

These ads are just not pulling their weight anymore and are becoming increasingly expensive and unreliable.  

Everything you do to promote your business, your offerings, your programs is now going to be so much more reliant on warm audiences. Which means there needs to be a much greater emphasis on consistent, long-term thinking and list-building. 

The Slow, Steady Burn…  

So yes, there’s a shift here, but it doesn’t mean we all need to throw in the towel. It just means we need to get creative.

Warming your audience to who you are and what you do and offer, BEFORE you launch (which is why you need a funnel, just by the way!) is going to be critical. 

It’s also going to become important to diversify your marketing, so not just relying on Facebook or Instagram ads, but also look at including TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube. Even going a bit old school with things like Google ads, sponsorships, podcasts, sponsored content, joint ventures etc. 

None of these are new and shiny, which is what I like about them. 

This is how we all used to market, before it was super easy to punch out a few Facebook ads and get results. So we could all be a bit lazy and lie back on that. But now we just need to get creative again and keep the bigger picture in mind. 

Looking After Your List 

Because the emphasis moving forward is going to be on long-term thinking, nurturing your list and treating that list amazingly is going to need to be a high priority. 

It’s going to be important to have that mindset change and realise that it’s time to build things into your business that are going to be assets that work over a period of time. 

And honestly, this is always how I’ve loved to run my business. 

Chasing the shiny new marketing strategy is just a race to Burnout Broketown as far as I’m concerned.

Tracking Options

We’re also seeing a shift in the way people are able to track their stats. For a variety of reasons data is less accurate than it used to be and it takes longer to come through. 

So how are you going to know that things are working? How are you going to feel comfortable spending money on marketing? It can be quite stressful if you don’t feel like you can see your numbers accurately. 

But! There are a few things you can do…

Firstly, you can trust your gut a bit more. Which sounds terrifying, but it’s definitely a strategy I’ve been leaning into over the last few years.

This is about trusting the bigger picture of your business, knowing you have a great offer. 

And make sure you’re dialling in on whatever marketing you’re currently doing, rather than jumping from shiny thing to shiny thing. 

When Trusting Your Gut Isn’t An Option

Now, for those of you that are thinking: “Yeah, that’s not going to work for me. I can’t just trust my gut.”

I totally get it. You need the detail, that’s just how your brain works. Maybe you’re a Facebook Ads Manager or a Launch Manager and your clients want to know the details. Telling them to trust their gut is probably going to cause some issues…

If that’s the case, then now is the time to be looking at what kind of tracking you really need, and then investing in some of the paid services out there. 

We use one called Hyros, which is great for more accurate data from social ads. Segmetrics is another great one that I love and is great for building out detailed dashboards. 

Another option is to just keep it simple and look at those top level KPI’s. Inside Funnel Pro in our Secret Sauce training, we actually have created a special dashboard that allows your clients to easily see the top line numbers.  They can then use this as their guide of what is and isn’t working. (And this can be used for both launches and funnels.) 

Funnels to the Rescue

So, from what I can see right now, with the way marketing is going, funnels have become more important than ever.  

And making sure people have the right funnels, for the right type of offers, for the right stage of their business is going to be so crucial. 

And that’s why it is so important that if you are building funnels or if you’re hiring someone to build a funnel for you, that they don’t just know how to link up a couple emails and a countdown timer. 

But they understand the strategy, too. 

Because there’s a lot more to it when it comes to actually building great funnels that are profitable. (Which is kinda the point.)

Funnel Pro Bootcamp

If you’re a funnel-builder or funnel-builder to be, and you’d like to dive deeper into what is or isn’t working right now, then the Funnel Pro Bootcamp is for you. 

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Ep 93: What funnels are REALLY working in 2022? Ep 93: What funnels are REALLY working in 2022?

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