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Doing Of It Online Podcast Episode 30: Why We Moved to Slack For Our Support Community
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Doing it Online Episode 16: All your funnel questions answered

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Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • All your funnel questions answered! 
  • All the info you need to decide if you need funnels in your biz (the answer is yes!) 
  • Join the special 4-week fast start LIVE round of $5K Funnel FORMULA at hellofunnels.co/5kfunnel

Doing it Online Episode 16: All your funnel Questions answered

Today I’m answering all your funnel questions – Q&A style.

Currently the doors are open to my amazing 5K Funnel Formula program right now, but not for much longer!

This is a special LIVE 4-week fast start edition of the program, which means we will be creating, testing and automating your course sales.. together over the next 4 weeks.

So I’ve been getting all of the questions about setting up funnels, who they work best for, how long it takes, what tech you need… 

All of it!

So I’m going to answer those questions today, so you have all the info you need to decide if our 5K Funnel Formula Program is right for you…

AND you can sign up TODAY before the doors close on October 22nd US time / October 23rd Aussie

I popped a question box up on IG stories the other day, asking what your top questions were about funnels and the program and this is what came up…

Doing it Online Episode 16: All your funnel Questions answered

When is the right time in business to start a funnel? 

Great question, thanks Sam! 

Most people assume that the right time to funnel is when you’re far along in business. When you already have thousands of followers and you’re already making multiple 6-figures…and like magic a pocket of spare time will open up and it’ll be time to create your funnel…

But this is not the case! 

The truth is that you have to make that pocket of time for anything that you want to create in your business.

And actually if you get a funnel set up earlier…it’s going to help you grow faster.

So as soon as you can…create a funnel! The only prerequisite being that you need to have a program or an offer that you can deliver on evergreen. One that you’ve sold previously – not necessarily a best seller…it just needs to have sold before.

A few tweaks to your current offer or program can make all of the difference. Don’t wait until you’ve got the perfect offer or until you’ve a massive email list – start building that funnel that will grow as you go!

The best time to start a funnel in your business is…as soon as you can, as long as you have an offer that you know sells.

Who do funnels work best for?

Kaya’s funnel question is – “I am a relationship coach, is a funnel going to work for my offer?”


If your offer is out there helping people and you can sell it online…then yes a funnel will work for you. We’ve had students who teach people how to crochet, who teach people how to ride horses, to nutritionists, yoga teachers, marketing strategists, Pinterest experts. The whole gamut of different types of online coaches, experts and service providers. 

If you have a product that you’ve successfully sold – you can then put that product into a funnel.

Would a funnel work for a low cost membership offer?

Heidi’s funnel question is – “I have a membership site, it’s only $19 / month – is this something that would work for a funnel?”

This is one of the very first things we workshop within the 5KFF program – making your offer funnel-friendly. An offer that is going to be profitable – not just when you use organic traffic, but when you add in paid traffic too! 

Getting your offer set up and tested – no ad spend required…and then going beyond that to scale your offer.

We have many students come into 5KFF with their membership site – so yes! A low-ticket membership offer can absolutely work in a funnel, even with paid traffic.

Would a funnel work for a $3000 offer?

Tori’s funnel question is – “My offer is $3999, will that work in a funnel? I don’t want to have to do sales calls!”

Absolutely Tori! If you’d asked me a year ago…I would’ve said you still need to do sales calls…

But I have a $5000 offer that is working completely automated in a funnel, with NO sales calls.

There is a small tweak in the funnel for a high ticket offer, so that it works as it would for a lower ticket offer.

You don’t have to do sales calls if you don’t want to. It all depends on how you craft the offer and how the offer is delivered. 

High ticket, low ticket – they all work with funnels!

How much do you need to spend on ads for your funnel?

Ali B’s funnel question is – “How much do I need to spend on ads to make my funnel work? I don’t have a big budget.”

Great question. I totally understand where it’s coming from too. If you have 0 subscribers and 0 people on your email list, then you’ll want to spend a small budget on ads to test your options (optin, webinar etc) as you go.

Most people who join $5KFF usually have at least 100 people on their email list and following their social media accounts and if that’s the case…you don’t need to spend any money on ads to start with.

But as we work through the process together of setting up and testing your funnel to see what works. Then once your funnel is running, you can start Facebook ads. There’s training on Facebook ads within the program and I’ll show you how to run a couple of key evergreen Facebook ads strategies. It’s always my aim to get you to test your funnel before you invest in ads, so that you feel confident that you’ll at least get your money back. 

It’s not about becoming a Facebook ads expert…I want you to understand how:

  • Ads work
  • You can get a return on your investment
  • To set up your funnel with a small budget to get the sales rolling

The long term goal would be to find a specialist ads manager who can take it to the next level for you. 

But initially you can spend $0 on ads, and then once they’re running and tested, move it to $20 / day. 

Your funnel doesn’t require you to spend $100 a day on ads to be successful. The funnel we show you how to set up in $5KFF is designed to make you sales off the marketing you do already. 

Do you have to discount your offer?

Shayne’s funnel question is – “I don’t want to discount my offer, it makes me feel sleazy. Will a funnel work without a discount?”

Yes! Absolutely.

With any offer that you make online, there needs to be some form of urgency – the offer needs to end at some point. 

Having a deadline is something that you need to include in any offer – it’s just the type of urgency or lever that you use will depend on the setting that you’re in.

One way to add urgency is to offer a discount, but for a limited time only.

It doesn’t need to be a discount. Allowing people access to a program that isn’t usually open all year round could be the urgency offer. A secret VIP entrance for a limited time. It could also be adding some amazing bonuses to your offer.

Discount is a strategy that you can use but it’s not usually a common one for the people in my programs.   

What do the results of your funnel really look like?

Mariah’s funnel question is – “Can you give me a breakdown of what I can expect once I get my funnel up and running. What do the results really look like?”

Results of course vary.

An industry standard figure would be 2% conversions. That’s your baseline milestone. 

The funnel we show you how to set up in $5KFF is between 14 – 21 days long so 2% would be your baseline minimum conversion rate. 

But most people get well above that!

How many people do you need on your email list?

Lee’s funnel question is – “How many people do you need on your email list before you’re ready to have a funnel?”

Our only prerequisite is that you have an online offer and that you’ve successfully sold it before.

The number of people you have on your list right now, doesn’t impact your funnel. It only affects how you test your funnel. The more people you have on your list…the more sales you’ll make during the testing phase…but it won’t make a difference going forward as your funnel is for new subscribers. 

Will my course get people good results on evergreen?

Farrah’s funnel question is – “I don’t know if my course will get people very good results on evergreen”.

This is a common misconception when it comes to funnels. A lot of people have this self limiting belief that stops them from taking action. They believe that people only invest to get access to them, or that they’ll only get results if they’re working closely with them. 

This is 100% not true.

It could be a sign that your course (as it stands now) needs some updates or to change the structure. But you can absolutely create amazing transformational results for any topic or niche through an evergreen program. 

Evergreen does NOT mean completely hands off.Click To Tweet

In $5KFF we talk about how you can structure your existing offer and build in different levels of engagement. 

If you don’t believe me – think about the big players in your industry – do they have online courses that are able to be sold on evergreen? The answer is yes! 

If it can be taught online…it can be taught evergreen online. 

Don’t let that fear stop you! 

Doing it Online Episode 16: All your funnel Questions answered


If I didn’t answer your question – please head over to Instagram and send me a DM – I love talking funnels! I want you to feel comfortable knowing that the $5KFF program is for you. 

Doing it Online Episode 16: All your funnel Questions answered

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