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When you created your online course, you probably did it for one of three reasons. Because you needed more money in your business (and you were maxing out on how many 1:1 clients you could serve) Because you needed more time in your business (and you wanted to be able to serve many people in […]

You have big goals for your webinar… You dream of being inundated with people clicking ‘sign up now’ to your kick-ass webinar and learn from you. But you’ve put it out into the world and you’re sitting in front of your computer waiting……but no one is signing up… HELP! What do you do now that […]

How to create a kick-ass funnel for just $38

Learn how to get really, really good looking at anything and your business.   Mastering anything in business is easy. But, we make it hard for ourselves. We try and reinvent the wheel all the time. We think we know better than all those that have mastered business before us. But, it’s time. It’s time […]

I know for a lot of you, the idea of automating important parts of your business (aka your sales using funnels, unsubtle hint hint!), is really scary. You created your business really authentically, you love being able to really connect with people, and you hate when you are treated like one of thousands yourself. But […]



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