There are so many amazing tools out there that it can be hard to decide what are the best tools to use for your online blog and business. I’m going to help you out a little bit and share 3 business tools that I’ve been raving about recently. And, I think you’ll find them really […]

Today I want to answer a question that I’ve been asked a few times recently. What is the right way to set up a website (or blog)? What should you be using third-party plugins for? How much stuff should you be trying to cram into one website? Is it a good idea? Is it possibly dangerous? […]

OK, I have a confession to make. I am actually quite the pathological blog theme “refresher”. I will give my blog’s theme and layout a complete overhaul usually about once a year… occasionally a bit more often than that. Sometimes it’s just for fun (or when I’ve found an AH-MAZING theme or new layout idea… […]

Happy Blog Tip Tuesdays lovelies! Today I am going to get a bit controversial, and probably tick a few people off. Because today I am going to be calling out the inner tight-ass in all of us, that little voice that says “Hey, I am sure if I spend the next three hours looking really hard, […]



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