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Why you don’t need a perfect launch to create a profitable funnel

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How to create a profitable funnel without the perfect launch

Hold up! ✋Are you putting off creating a funnel for your course, because you think everything needs to be working perfectly… or at least “working pretty well”… first?

😳 Eeek… I hate to break it to you. But that’s not how it works!

Because the truth is, not having a funnel (aka not having consistent and reliable sales), is the main thing STOPPING you from getting everything else working.

And you can create an amazingly successful funnel, right now, with exactly what you have.

It doesn’t have to be perfect… to be perfect for a funnel.

No really!

Look, I get it…

I know you think funnels are scary. 🎃

I know you think you’re not ready.

But without a simple funnel, making regular sales, the truth is you’ll stay stuck right here 😿

Doing all heavy lifting

Overpaying for ads.

Working with too many of the wrong clients, for too little money.

Doing everything from scratch, every time.

Busting your buns 24/7 while feeling like you’re super glued to the spot! 😭😭

It’s the online equivalent of choosing to take the stairs to the top of a 100 story building when there’s an elevator right there!🕴

Great for your legs sure, but terrible for your business!

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Have you ever said to yourself, “I’ve just got to get my launch working better. I’ve just got to perfect this thing on my launches before I create a funnel.”

Come on, be honest.

I would bet my favourite shoes that that is something that quite a few of you have said to yourself at least once or twice, if not every single week or every time you launch.

And I know what it’s like, right?

Launching is fantastic, it’s a great part of most businesses.

I’m not one of those people who are out there going, “Launches are dead, you shouldn’t launch.”

I think launches are fab, but launches are stressful and launches take up a lot of time.

Do you believe that once you nail a launch, and your launch is amazing, that's when you create your funnel? I hate to break it to you but that's wrong!Click To TweetParticularly in the DIY stage, when you’re doing a lot of it yourself.

You almost feel like you’re either setting up or running a launch or recovering from the cold that you got while you were launching and then delivering your product pretty much all the time.

It doesn’t really leave room for much else, right?

I know how it can feel to go “Well I just don’t want to take on anything else right now”.

And you have this belief that once you nail a launch, and your launch is amazing, that’s when you create your funnel.


Why you don't need a perfect launch to create a profitable funnel

Create a profitable funnel – the problem

The problem is, it’s actually the opposite way around.

I really recommend to people that you don’t need to have a perfect launch to create a really profitable, successful funnel.

In fact, really imperfect launches work just as well, because to be honest, we’re going to be creating different stuff for your funnel.

Creating your funnel isn’t just going “Okay I’m going to take this launch that I’ve perfected over years, and years, and I’m going to automate it, and that’s my funnel”.

It doesn’t work that way.

Funnels are different, because they don’t have a live component, you don’t have a live Facebook group or webinar for example.

So funnels have to be set up slightly differently.

And when they are, they work just as well, if not better, than most people’s launches.

If you’re currently waiting for the perfect launch before you create your funnel, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

You’re just letting a whole bunch of sales go to other people, because you could create a really profitable funnel right now.

All you need is to have an offer, a product that you offer online that is scalable, so one that if you make 100 sales tomorrow, it’s going to be all okay.

If you’re not quite there yet, if you need some tweaking, I help people to rejig their offers a little bit inside the 5K funnel formula, because that’s really important.

But as long as you have something that you’ve successfully sold online a few times, then that’s all you need to be ready for a funnel, because you don’t need to have a perfect launch, you don’t need to have a massive list, you don’t need to have a big budget.

Create a profitable funnel – start with what you’ve got

I always teach my students to start with their existing list and we get them making regular sales reliably from that before we go adding in a budget.

And because they’re making those extra sales, they’ve got a little bit more budget to add in.

So, it doesn’t have to be this scary risky thing.

The other reason why I really encourage people to get a funnel setup sooner rather than later is because it really takes the pressure off your launches.

It also can help to both improve your launches and increase the number of sales you make on your launches, for a couple of reasons.

Why you don't need a perfect launch to create a profitable funnel

Create a profitable funnel – Take the pressure off

Firstly, if you have a funnel setup, and just say you launch every three months, and in between you are doing things to help to grow your list, so maybe you’re doing some guest podcast interviews, or guest posts, or you’re just posting on social media and promoting some opt-in bribes.

You’ve got content upgrades in your posts.

So you’re going to constantly be having this trickle of people come through.

Well, if you’re doing that and you have a funnel, a percentage of those people are going to be converting straight to customers, which is awesome, right?

This is going to help you get some extra sales, extra money in the bank, even in those months that you’re not launching or not spending big on Facebook ads.

The beautiful thing is you can start to predict it once you have it setup.

You can start to say “Okay, I’m roughly going to get this amount of sales every month from my funnel”.

So you know that you’ve got that revenue sitting there each month, you’re not starting each month on zero, which is fantastic.

And as I said, it takes that pressure off those launches, because you’ve got these sales coming through in between either way.

Even if your launch totally flops.

This is going to help you get some extra sales, extra money in the bank, even in those months that you're not launching or not spending big on Facebook adsClick To Tweet

Create a profitable funnel – Amplify

It also helps to amplify your launches.

Because once you’ve done your launch,  you can pop those new people who signed up to your list, into your funnel.

So, in a couple of weeks time, they’re going to have another chance to buy from you.

Maybe they weren’t ready to buy from you at the start, but in a few weeks time when they’ve been warmed up a little bit further, when they’ve got a little bit more trust for you, that’s when they’re ready.

And that will help you get another 10% or 20% worth of extra sales from just giving them that time to get to know you and a second chance to buy.

But the best thing is it’s automated, it’s no extra work for you.

It’s going to give you that boost to your launch and take the pressure off your launch.

Why you don't need a perfect launch to create a profitable funnel

Create a profitable funnel – Test your launch ideas

The other beautiful thing about a funnel is that you can use it to test some stuff in your launch before you do it.

So, if you create a launch from scratch, or if you want to try out a new thing in your launch, you’ve no idea if it’s going to work.

They could totally flop, and then you’re not going to get another chance to make up for that until several months later.

With an automated funnel, you can actually test those out in advance to make sure that they’re actually going to work.

And then it’s way less risky when it comes around to doing your live launches too.

So, this is why I’m so, so passionate about funnels, why I just won’t shut up about funnels at the moment, and why I’m making it my mission to help people, particularly these people in the stage where you are DIY’ing so much.

Where unreliable revenue is causing you so much heartache.

It’s my mission to help women to just add this one puzzle piece that helps to increase your profit, get you more reliable income, remove your stress, and just generally make life easier in your business.

And you can do all of that with funnels.

If you want to get an overview of my absolute favorite super simple four step funnel and exactly how you can get it up and running in your business in the next 60 to 90 days, come and click here and join my free video masterclass right now.

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