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3 easy ways to DOUBLE your next launch (no extra budget required!)

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3 Ways to Double Your Next Launch

What if I could tell you I know THREE super simple ways for you to get more sales in your next launch (even up to double your normal sales)

…without any sleazy sales tricks

…without needing a bigger list

…without spending any more money

…without any tricky or expensive tech

Just 3 simple ways you can make your next launch (and every launch after that!) work better, convert better, and make you more 💰💰

Would you want to reach through the screen and plant a big sloppy one on yours truly?

I brought mints just in case!

So press play above and I’ll show you how it’s done!

Maybe you’ve heard that the sky is falling, that launches aren’t working as well anymore.

Maybe your last launch underperformed.

Maybe all of your launches have been underperforming.

Maybe you’re at the point where you don’t know what to do and just need your launches to work better, but literally can’t spend anymore time or money.

Well, luckily for you I’m about to show you 3 ways to double your launch.

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably launched a product recently, and you probably weren’t that thrilled with the results.

Or maybe you were thrilled but you’re still like, “Hey, who doesn’t love more money, right?”

I’ve got three simple things that you can go and add in right now to your next launch that are going to help you to literally double your sales.

These don’t require any expensive technology or any kind of notary to get set up.

The thing is you don’t need to spend anymore money.

You don’t even need to attract anymore people into your launch.

If you ran the exact same launch last time and had the exact same numbers, you would still end up with way more sales by adding in these three things.

Now the three things I’m going to show you, these are all examples of really, really simple funnels that you can add in to improve your existing launches & help you make more money right now.

Hello Funnels - Kate McKibbin - Launching

Double Your Next Launch – The Upsell

The number one thing that you can add in to your launch right now is an upsell.

What is an upsell?

Well, it is setting up an automation, a series of emails.

You don’t have to do many and they don’t have to be long.

The best part about this is they’re all short, sharp and specific, but it’s a series of emails that get sent to your buyers, so the people who do already buy from you.

It’s offering them something else, something that is going to make their experience even better.

That’s going to help them get even better results.

It probably comes with a bit more of a premium price tag.

Now you have two options here.

1 – You can go the premium option where you’ll expect to get obviously a few less people taking it up, but it’s giving those people who are looking for that more hands-on VIP experience the chance to dive in and get it.


2 – You can go for the no brainer option, which is to put together some kind of offer that maybe it’s an extra $100, $200, $300 on top of what you were already offering that is going to make it so much easier for them to get amazing results from your programme.

The number one thing that you can add in to your launch right now is an upsell. #5KFunnelClick To Tweet

Double Your Next Launch – The Downsell

The downsell is what you send to the people who didn’t buy, but showed a bit of interest.

Luckily these days you don’t have to do a survey to ask.

Your technology is smart enough to be able to figure out who those people are.

You want to send them (again) a super quick, super specific series of emails (and we have these exact scripts inside my 5K Funnel Formula).

These emails will be offering them a lower price option, an easier option, a smaller investment.

A first step before they take the next step to your signature offer.

Now you can expect these to convert up to 10%, if not more, if you do them right.

You know how when you look at your stats at the end of a launch and you go, “I had hundreds of people looking at my sales page. Why didn’t they all buy? They were obviously interested, they clicked through. What happened?”

You know, a few things could have happened here.

Quite often for a lot of people, it might be they just quite don’t trust you yet or just not enough anyway to invest in that level of a programme.

Maybe the timing isn’t quite right.

Maybe they literally just bought a car and they’ve got no money, but they would love to take up this offer or a similar one.

This is where the downsell really comes into its own because it’s giving those people who were on the fence, almost there, but maybe timing wasn’t on their side, it’s giving them an option.

It’s saying, “Hey, you can still take this first step. You can still start getting results at a much lower price point,” and then maybe, you offer them the chance to upsell at the end into the full programme as well.

That’s a bonus extra upsell that you can add in if you feel like it.

Again there’s lots of different ways to do this and we discuss them all in the 5K Funnel Formula.

Imagine if you had 10% of people who bought from you, spend an extra 20% to 30% with you and then 10% of those that didn’t buy but were interested opted in for a lower priced programme.

How many extra sales would you make there?

Kate McKibbin - Hello Funnels - 3 ways to double your next launch

Double Your Next Launch – The Launch Stacked Funnel

Number three is the real stacker and I call this your launch stacked funnel.

Because for a lot of people who go through the whole launch process, you get people revved up and excited.

For those who perhaps it just wasn’t the right time for whatever reason or perhaps they were away and they missed it, they’re still excited, they still want a next step, but they have to wait three months to six months to be able to take it.

This is where you add them into your launch stacker funnel, which is actually just adding them into the first part of the normal funnel that I teach in the 5K Funnel Formula, basically giving them an option a few weeks later when they’re still warmed up and ready to join again, but without all the bells and whistles, without all the public fanfare and it’s something without the normal extra pushiness that comes in with the launch.

It’s done subtly and strategically and it converts like crazy.

You can definitely expect to get at least another 20% of people coming through the launch stacked funnel.

If you add all those up, that is a lot of extra sales.

As I said, it’s not any extra money because you’ve already spent the money getting them in with your opt-in bribe or your challenges.

All it is is optimising these people who are excited and ready to buy and giving them a few more options and a few more opportunities to come in and take that next step with you.

Sound good?

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