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#44: 3 changes that helped me grow from 0 to 7 figures in sales in under 3 years

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Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • The 3 specific changes I made that helped my business grow from 0 to 7 figures in sales in under 3 years
  • Why a change in focus and success measures made such a huge difference…

Doing It Online Podcast Episode 44: 3 changes that helped me grow from 0 to 7 figures in sales in under 3 years

So, it’s almost embarrassing to say this — (Oh, HAI imposter syndrome and money blocks!) — but here goes…

Last year my business, Hello Funnels, did something we’ve never done before. We made over 1 million dollars in sales… (not revenue as we have lots of payment plans, but in sales.)


Aaand! This is after basically starting all over from scratch 2 and a half years ago…plus COVID…AND adding a baby into the mix. 

Double yuh.

Many of you know this is my third business…and a friend of mine asked me the other night (over a wine or two) what did I do differently this time?

And the answer to that (there are 3 specific changes I made) is what I want to share with you guys today… They’re not hard or vague or unreachable as you might think. 

I reckon you’ll find it helpful to hear how doable these changes are…

Change number one:

The first change I made is that we switched our focus from individual funnels to building an evergreen ecosystem. We stopped trying to set up a *new* shiny funnel and got stubborn about getting a couple of key funnels working together properly and dedicated to running that ecosystem. 

And this is exactly what we take people through in eCourse Empire. We show them how to build each of those key funnels up one by one. The difference each of them make on your business alone is staggering, but once they’re all working together? Insane. 

I go into this in more detail and the types of funnels you need for this ecosystem in the episode. Also you can check out this episode right here my 3 fave types of funnels… 

Change number two:

I invested in a ‘grown up’ team. Not hiring my friends or trying to do it all myself.

It actually took me becoming a mum to really do this properly. Because the trade off became, I can pay someone to watch my child, OR I can pay someone to do my work for me, while I spend time with my child. 

And I had to find the balance of both. 

So I looked at the most time consuming tasks on my plate and I broke them off in groups one by one and I went out and found really amazing people who can do them even better than me.

Change number three:

And the third change I made was really about focus… 

I changed how I measured the success of my business. Because the thing is, money has never really been my motivator. And once bills are paid and expenses are covered and it’s not about ‘How am I going to eat/pay for my mortgage this week?’…What is it that drives us then?

Money is always nice. Not going to lie. But as far as my core values go, it’s not the one that pulls me out of bed and drives me forwards. 

So, our measure of success changed from sales, to being the amazing results we can get for our clients.

I care SO much more about that. These are human beings, whose lives we can help change. 

And I know, everyone is different and everyone’s motivators are different, but when you can figure it out for yourself and once the bills are always paid and the fear of just paying for the basics is gone…ask yourself, ‘What is there after that moves me along?’

For us, it’s our clients’ successes and their wins. 

Doing It Online Podcast Episode 44: 3 changes that helped me grow from 0 to 7 figures in sales in under 3 years

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