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#109: 3 unusual ways a course can help grow your business

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How do you grow your online business? You want maximum impact, maximum growth and maximum dollars… with minimum BS. So, let’s look at 3 unusual ways an online course can help you grow your business…



In this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • How an online course can help you grow your list (in a BIG way!)
  • Get ready to uplevel your 1:1 services with an online course…

…and more!

Did you know that online courses don’t actually have to take over your whole business?

I’m asking because this came up recently with a couple of our lovely eCourse Empire members, who didn’t realise that their online course didn’t need to become their ENTIRE business… 

It totally can. And for some people it does.

But that’s not the only way that an online course can be a part of your business…

And today in this episode we’re looking at 3 unusual (or less common) ways that an online course can help you make more money, and have a bigger impact.

Because, even if they’re not the all-in, amazing-never-do-1-on-1-again thing you hope they might be, they can still be part of an incredible strategy to grow your online business.

So let’s dive in!

Wait. Did you hear that *ding*? It’s time for a…

…Kate Caveat: 

Creating an online course is hard. I’m not here to throw glitter onto poop and serve it to you. So I’m not going to pretend it’s easy. But, it is bloody worth it. And once it’s created, it becomes an asset that can slot into your business growth strategy in a number of ways. It’s about knowing what you need that asset to bring back into your business once you’ve gone through all the energy and time to create it… 

Ok, now we can dive into the 3 unusual ways an online course can help grow your online business! 

Unusual way #1: Elevate your 1:1 services… 

This is one of my favourites because it’s a game-changer for anyone who’s providing 1:1 services…

If you’re a coach or consultant or are continually taking people through a process, an online course means you can put that process into a resource you can point your clients to. 

Which means less repetition for you, and also it means they’re getting the benefit of 24/7 you in the form of a course. For example, you can ask them to watch a video training before your 1:1 call, or point them to a specific training, workbook or exercise that you create once but can share over and over again. 

grow online business

It’s a huge value-add for your clients and it frees you up to move onto your next big idea to grow your business, while still getting your clients the same (if not better) results. 

Unusual way #2: Create an accessible entry point…

The second unusual way an online course can help grow your online business, is that it can create an amazing entry point for your clients…

This is especially applicable if you offer a premium offer like copywriting or web design etc. 

An online course means people can jump in, get a sense of what it would be like to work with you, and stay connected to you and your methods. Until they’re ready for your premium 1:1 offer.

It helps keep them in your world until they’re ready to become a dream client. 

Unusual way #3: Grow your list… 

And then thirdly, your online course can help grow your list, your audience and your platform through joint ventures (or JV’s). 

Once your course is created and you don’t need to spend any more time delivering it, you can start exploring fun opportunities to grow your business! Things like JV’s, where you collaborate with complimentary businesses and create cool bundles like giveaways and challenges that you promote together on your own platforms… 

All of this can have a huge impact on growing your list and your business. 

Ready to grow your business with an online course?

If you think an online course would help you to hit your business goals, and you’d like some help to:

…design it, 

…build it, 

…launch it, 

…automate it 

…AND then one day even scale it… 

All in a way that suits YOUR business dreams…

Then that is exactly what we do inside eCouse Empire and we’d LOVE to help you!

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