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#88: You’re growing fast (but the wheels are falling off!) – 5/5

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Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • What it means to feel like your business is growing fast (but the wheels are falling off!)
  • The backwards way to go forwards in business. (Hint: You’ve got to slow down, to go faster!)
  • How to avoid burning out when you’re enjoying freaking-fast-growth!
  • The 2 main areas you MUST get systemised to get your biz foundations locked in and ready to scale higher…

 #88 You're growing fast (but the wheels are falling off!) - 5/5

Welcome to part 5 of our brand new 5 part mini-series, where we’re sharing some of our favourite action plans from inside our eCourse Empire program!  

While we can’t give you all of the extra goodies you get inside the program, like 1:1 feedback, page reviews, strategy, training and more…

…An action plan is an amazing place to start… 

Last week we were talking to people who already have an offer that’s selling well, but are wanting to scale BIG, (and you can check that episode out here!)

Smacking your head on the ceiling?

And today, in part 5, we’re talking to people who are growing fast, but they’re finding that the wheels are falling off a bit…or a lot.

If this is you, then you’re already kicking ass, you’re hitting that multi 6-figure mark. Your offer is selling and you’re surpassing goals that seemed pretty impossible back when you set them…

…But you’re also burning out…

…Your to-do list just keeps getting longer, no matter how much you’re working..

…And you just need a freaking break! But you can’t stop…

But don’t worry! That’s exactly what this episode is about and I’m going to give you some tips and strategies to help you keep growing, without the wheels completely falling off. Not to mention, you’ll be left just running on vapors… 

Just quickly before we jump in: these notes are a great overview, but you’re going to want to listen to the full episode to get all the info and details so you can take it away and implement! 

Ok, now we can jump in…

Being stuck here looks like…

First of all, I just want to say well freaking done and congrats, because so few people actually get here. And the fact that you are, is a testament to how hard you’ve worked and how you’ve pushed through when things got hard.

So, well done, that’s huge. 

Now, what you might be feeling if you’re stuck at this point is growing pains. And it could look something like this: 

  • Your to-do list keeps growing…no matter how much you’re working. 
  • You’ve brought on team members, but it feels like they add more work and stress, not less. 
  • You’re spending SO much money and it still feels uncertain at times. (Scary!) This is an expensive stage to be, and even if you’re bringing in huge sums, the chances are your biz is still not all that profitable…
  • You’re no longer delivering your best service. (Juggling too many things, something is bound to drop! Which means unhappy clients etc…)
  • You’re feeling personally burned out. You want to take a break, but you actually can’t…

Wow, so that list is just a mega bummer. So what do we do about it?

First of all, let me just say this is normal. These are the growing pains of being in business and everyone goes through them. Everyone gets to this point and thinks: “Something has to give!” But there’s nothing to give, right?

That’s why we’re giving you an action plan…

Secure the foundations…

Your first step is to make sure you’ve got the 6 things we went through in last week’s episode working in your biz. If you missed that ep, check it out here. 

The next thing you need to do is actually slow down for just a second. Take your foot off the gas… 

Because you’ve got some more foundations to get in place. 

Think of this next phase of your business like you’re adding a second level to a house. For every new level that’s added to a building, the next-level foundations and basics need to be solid first. Or the whole thing will come crashing down. 


Channel 9 Reaction GIF by LEGO Masters Australia


So, even though you’re probably feeling a bit addicted to the momentum, you need to back off here and make sure the back end of your business is solid. 

The Remover of Friction (say hi to your new role!)

At this point, your job description is going to change. You’re no longer about creating new assets like courses and products. Your new title here is The Remover of Friction. 

It’s time to zone in on anything that isn’t working in the back end of your business, highlight what they are and work out how to make that process better. This is about streamlining so that when you put your foot back on the gas again, you can grow even faster. Without your clients paying the price for that success.

Your Delivery Tasks

Look at any of your delivery activities and evaluate. What are the things that need to happen every time you get a new client, right from onboarding to offboarding. What needs to take place to give them an amazing experience?

And then ask yourself how many of those tasks can be automated, systemised or outsourced in the simplest way possible?

If you don’t have a VA yet, this is definitely the time to get one. 

This is also the reason why I’ve brought on more experts to take the weekly calls in eCourse Empire. When I first started the program, I’d do all the calls, but as the program has grown, I’ve brought in 5 new experts to share the calls. I still do my calls, but now we’ve also got a Mindset Coach, a Social Media Expert, a Tech Expert, a Facebook Ad expert and more. 

It means our members get an incredible experience and my energy is also protected, because I can’t do my best work if I’m running myself into the ground trying to take all the calls on myself.

I go into more details in the episode on how to approach this step and look at batch processing and making things easier on yourself, so give that a listen. 

Your Sales Tasks

You also need to make sure that your sales are as systemised as possible. And we did look at this in more detail in a previous episode, where we talked about how to make launches as systemised as possible. We like to think of them as rinse and repeat launches, where you’re repurposing and reusing as much as you can.

At this stage in your business, you shouldn’t be hands on during the launch set up. Your role now is to set the goals and the strategy and bring your best energy to the launch itself. You should be able to hand the launch tasks over to your team and oversee that.

And if you thought we were going to get through this without me mentioning funnels… 

When it comes to automating your sales, you need a funnel in place if you don’t have one already. 

So, that’s what we want to get working first: your delivery and your sales all systemised. And if you can get these pieces automated and working brilliantly on their own, and if you’ve got a support team that can step in and help you…

…then you’ll be able to spend your energy in the most impactful ways possible for your clients. 

Otherwise? The wheels will fall off. Burnout and unhappy clients up ahead.

 #88 You're growing fast (but the wheels are falling off!) - 5/5

 Time to Elevate

So! Those things are in place and you can pick up the pace a little bit again… Now you need to look at your metrics and then think about how you can elevate your team. Who’s your next key hire that’s going to be able to take more off your plate and free up your energy for your next big idea?

But you won’t be able to look at your metrics and get a clear reading of who you need to hire until you first fix those 2 things: your sales process and your delivery process. 

This is exactly why we’re currently extending our 6 months of support inside eCourse Empire, to 12 months. Because we don’t want people to get to this point, where their funnel is set up and they’re making more money than they ever have… 

…We never want to just abandon them there in that fast growth, we want to show them how to move forward. At this point they can reach out to ask and get our feedback on who they might need to hire to support them. They can ask the experts on our team, or even reach out to our incredible community who are at the same stage of business as them. 

They’re fully supported to make strategic decisions that support their growth. 

Having that kind of mentorship and support around you is absolutely crucial. 

And the good news for you today is that we still have a couple of spots open inside eCourse Empire. 

So what are you waiting for?

Get your application in today! 

Know your numbers!

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