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#87 Have an offer that sells but can’t seem to scale? Here’s your action plan… (Part 4)

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Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • Our incredible 6-piece ecosystem that took us over the 7-figure mark and can help you scale BIG!
  • Why getting to the Financial Freedom Checkpoint is a game-changer for your finances AND energy for your next big move…

#87 Have an offer that sells but can’t seem to scale? Here's your action plan…

Welcome to part 4 of our brand new 5 part mini-series, where we’re sharing some of our favourite action plans from inside our eCourse Empire program!  

And that’s what this series is about! 

While we can’t give you all of the extra goodies you get inside the program, like 1:1 feedback, page reviews, strategy, training and more…

…An action plan is an amazing place to start… 

Last week we were talking to people who already had an offer, but it’s not selling (and you can check that episode out here!)

Time to Scale… 

And today we’re talking to people who have an offer that is selling well…

…and they’re ready to scale. (BIG!)

Yes, that’s right this is weirdly another place where people get stuck, I even got stuck there myself for a while, many years ago. And it’s a frustrating place to be. If you’re here then you might be feeling like you’re doing all the right things and now you just need to hit the gas and crank up the gears…

…but nothing happens. 

Sorry Top Gear GIF

But don’t worry! That’s exactly why I’m bringing you the goods in this episode so you can get the momentum and growth you’re after! (Yes, it’s totally possible!)

And actually, this is one of the reasons I created eCourse Empire. Because from my own experience and from coaching so many other people who’ve been here at this point, I’ve seen what needs to happen to get the gears connecting again and get the real business ‘VROOM’ you’re after.

But! You want to be able to scale PROFITABLY and RELIABLY. Not just to the next level, but beyond…

So, let’s jump in and get you there! 

Actually, before we do, just a quick caveat: these notes are a great overview, but you’re going to want to listen to the full episode to get all the info and details so you can take it away and implement! 

Ok, now we can jump in…

The 6-Part Ecosystem 

So while this place can be frustrating, there’s lots of good things going for you too, because if you’re then it means you already have a lot of pieces up and running and working. 

And the truth is, there isn’t ONE magic piece that’s missing, it actually all comes down to an ecosystem. There are actually 6 pieces you need in this ecosystem and they all feed into each other and build and build and build…

But if your business doesn’t have all of those pieces of the ecosystem in place, (not just one or two) the gears don’t connect and you can’t grow…

This is the exact system we added to our business and which brought in literally double that year and got us over the 7-figure mark. (And it’s the one we teach our clients and they just freaking love it too.) 

So let’s look at each of these pieces right now, and we’ll start with the ones you’ve already got up and cranking away…

Piece #1: A “Hells Yes!” Offer 

You guys have that one already for sure, that’s how you’re here. But if you’re reading this and you don’t know if you have one, go check out last week’s episode right here. 

Piece #2: A Consistent Content System

You guys already know this. You know the importance of showing up and creating content that brings value and connection. Again, if you’re not sure about this, check out the first episode from this series right here where we deep dive into this step. 

Piece #3: Regular Launches that Convert

Yep! And you need to be systemising the shit out of them so they don’t tak up all your time and energy. I said what I said. And I’m assuming you already have this piece too, because if you’re at this stage then you’ve already got an offer that sells well, you just want to know how to sell MORE…

But I will just add here that these should be rinse + repeat launches. Which means a lot of repurposing pieces you’ve used in previous launches so you’re not re-inventing the wheel every time. That’s just a recipe for burnout. Your launches should be as close to funnels as possible. (That’s the goal.) You need to be outsourcing as much as you can for your launches. I go into this in more detail in the episode, so definitely give that a listen if you want to hear more about that!

Ok! Now, onto the pieces you might not have yet…

Piece #4: A Strong Core Funnel (That Covers ALL Your Expenses!)

This core funnel is usually for your signature offer, or main offer, but it depends on your business and how your offers are set up. There’s no one-size-fits all funnel or answer here, because everyone’s business is so different. And different types of offers need different types of funnels and so on…

But, this core funnel is so critical for you gaining the momentum and growth you’re after because it’s going to take the pressure right off launches. Yes, that’s right. It fills in the gaps between launches and takes the pressure off. 

We take people through this in our eCourse Empire program, and we get them to be working towards a funnel that covers all of their expenses + their salary, every month, reliably, on autopilot. 

We call this their Financial Freedom Checkpoint (or FFC) and when they have that in place, it massively reduces stress and pressure off their business. 

For them, and for you, having that will mean And that means it’s going to free you up mentally and creatively so you can come up with the next big, amazing idea that’s going to take you to the next level. 

Kid Dad GIF

Piece #5: Make Your Marketing Pay for Itself!

Ok, now for this one you’re going to want to hear me chat it through in the episode, because there’s a lot at play here in terms of Facebook advertising and I want to be able to give you the full scoop. 

But you’re going to get to a point where it’s time to get your marketing to pay for itself. Yes, this is totally possible. 

However, you can’t just put more money into ads and hope it will work – it won’t. You’ll end up spending more to get the same amount of leads. You won’t get growth from just throwing more money at ads, I promise you. 

And when you get to this point it will be time to introduce what we call a ‘Mini But Mighty’ offer, also known as a Self Liquidating Offer. These are only a good idea to do if you have a strong core funnel to connect it to, and they’re not right for everyone. But if it is the right time for your business, adding in this piece can really accelerate your growth. 

But like I said, definitely go listen to the episode for this piece to get all the details.

Piece #6: Increase the profit of your sales

This is the cherry on top… and it’s where we look at how you can be adding more profit to your sales, without spending any more on ads or getting even a single new customer? 

These are your profit maximisers and can bring in an extra 20% there, maybe an extra 50% over there and it’s pure profit. 

To get this one right it’s really all about strategy and getting to know what’s going to work for your offerings and your audience. This is something I really love mapping out with our eCourse Empire clients. I love getting nerdy and strategic with them because it’s all about having the right combination and putting the right pieces in order. 

All of that combines to crazy, ‘VROOM’ kind of growth…

And that’s our 6-piece ecosystem! And it’s literally what we step you through in eCourse Empire, supporting you every step of the way. 

Ready to hit the gas? Come grab one of our last spots!

We do have just a couple of spots left for this intake of eCourse Empire! So, if you’d like to join us or get more information on what the program is and how it can help you to implement these action plans, and help you to create, grow and scale your own 6 and multi 6-figure courses on autopilot…

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#87 Have an offer that sells but can’t seem to scale? Here's your action plan…


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