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#119: Unexpected Ways to Grow Your Online Business (3 things I stopped caring about)…

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I’m sharing 3 unexpected ways to grow your online business! And guess what? It starts by letting a few things go. That’s right, there are 3 things I’ve stopped caring about this year that have actually helped to grow our business. Don’t you love it when that happens? Let’s dive in!


Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • How a shift in focus away from launching has actually increased our conversions…
  • The impact a pretty Instagram grid has on the success of our business…
  • What we’ve done to help increase meaningful conversations with our audience…

Isn’t it funny how sometimes trying harder doesn’t bring the results you’re after, and then sometimes, just letting go, finally loosening your grip…actually does? 

And hey, look I’m not complaining! I didn’t expect that when I stopped caring about these 3 things I’m about to share with you that it would actually help grow our business, but that’s exactly what happened. 

I call that a massive win. It doesn’t mean it was easy to let go of these things, but it has made sense to me, and feels right to drop them off my ‘Must Care About’ list. The impact (+ at times, profit) as a result is an awesome, unexpected bonus. 

And you might love me even more after I share these with you, because they’re things we’re told we ‘should’ care about…but really don’t want to.

So here we go!

3 Unexpected Ways to Grow Your Online Biz:

#1: Stop caring about what people think

[AND THE CROWD GOES WILD.] We love this one. For context, I’m talking about when I’m sharing my opinions, no longer caring if others agree with me or not. 

In my personal life, I’ve always been super vocal about injustices I see around me. But in business, I’ve never known where to put that. How does it fit in with marketing? 

The answer I’ve come to is that it doesn’t matter. It’s more important to me that people know the values my business is built on. 

The unexpected thing that’s come out of this decision? Wonderful, meaningful conversations with people in our DM’s, emails and community. It’s helped us to connect. 

Because, at the end of the day, what sets us apart in business (and what sets you apart in business), is us being us. You being you. So we have to get up on our soapbox every now and then and stir up the internet’s ants nest. We’re ok with that.  

#2: Let go of the perfect grid 

This one hurts.


I’ll let you listen in to my trauma processing as I go through leaving the days of pretty Instagram grid behind me in the episode, but the bottom line is, a perfect profile doesn’t:

  • Help anybody. (Except my nervous system.)
  • Increase conversions.
  • Improve engagement.
  • Increase conversations. 

The unexpected thing that’s come out of letting this go? It’s had a huge impact on our freedom to be creative. (Yay!) And it’s massively helped our workflow because we’re no longer imprisoned into a format that we can’t keep up with. 

Instead, we can pour our energy and creativity into the messaging and teaching (and comedic value) we offer, which is so much more valuable anyway. 

So… bye bye pretty grid. (We’ll miss you.)

#3: Leaving Launch Land 

It’s worth listening to the full episode for this one alone! Because if you’re like 90% of people out there, launches probably aren’t your favourite thing…

And yep, we’d fallen into the trap of feeling like we “should” be launching more and hitting multiple 6-figure launches (which we were) but it was taking away from what made us, us…

…Funnels and automations. 

Not that we won’t ever launch again…

Kate Caveat

…Of course we will. Funnels and launches go together like party hats and birthday cake. And it’s still important to do live elements strategically throughout the year. 

But, we just won’t be launching as often. And definitely not because we think we “should.”

The funny thing is, since we let go of our launching calendar, we’ve increased conversions because we’ve had more capacity to really dial in our funnels. Plus, we’ve been able to make some massive upgrades to our incredible program, eCourse Empire, which we just didn’t have capacity for before. 

Over to you…

I’d love to hear from you! Flick us a message over on Instagram if there’s something you’ve let go of, or stop caring about recently that has made a huge impact in your business. We’d love to know what it was. 

(And if it was also letting go of the pretty grid, should we start a support group? Asking for a friend…)


#119: Unexpected Ways to Grow Your Online Business... #119: Unexpected Ways to Grow Your Online Business...

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