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Online Business

#121 Multiple Products Mayhem (How many offers is too many?)

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Wondering how to grow your online business? How many offers should you have to help it grow? Are you meant to create ascension offers? We’re walking you through the steps you need to get your offers selling easily, and help you scale your online business.


Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • How many offers we recommend while you’re trying to grow your business…
  • Why ascension offers aren’t ALWAYS the answer…
  • Common mistakes people make when adding offers to their business and trying to boost their growth…

When you have an offer that sells easily.. And reliably (as in, whenever you promote it, there are people waiting for it and excited to jump in), it is going to be so much easier to grow and scale your business. #facts

So, how do you get an amazing offer like this? 

And if you get one should you have then have two? (Two has to be better than one, right?) 

Or three? Or more? Or less?

How many offers do you need to grow your business?

Well, don’t ask the internet (or do, but be warned), because there’s a multiverse of opinions on this. But you’re here, and this is our podcast, so we’re going to give you ours…

Grow your online business with a Hells Yes Offer

Before you get carried away, you need to start with one, incredible, juicy offer. (What we call a Hells Yes! Offer). And you need to not only get the offer right, but also the messaging and the delivery. 

But none of these things happen overnight. In fact, most take months of testing and tweaking. 

I know, a part of your soul just left your body because you have SO many ideas…

But, everyone has lots of ideas. What makes a successful person is someone who chooses a good idea and then has the consistency to make it great. 

That consistent action towards your goal adds up over time and gets you where you wanna go actually much, much faster.

The issue with idea hopping is that you never get the time to really master one good idea and carry it all the way through to excellence and mastery. Which is why multiple offers are just a bit crazy. (A lot. They’re a lot crazy.)

If you suffer from ‘Shiny Idea Syndrome’ (it’s real, hello) then listen to the full episode because I give you some tips on how to navigate through that and stay on track for your bigger picture. 

Common mistakes when trying to grow your business 

Other than staying in the beginner phase and never reaching mastery? 

You can look forward to:

Spreading yourself too thin

Let’s say you have 2 or 3 products out in the market. Your launch calendar is probably a nightmare. You’ll have back to back launches and burn yourself out. Plus, every time you launch and run your program, you’ll probably get new ideas on how to optimise or improve that offer, but have no time to implement anything because you’re straight into the next launch…

Confusing your audience

As the saying goes: You confuse – you lose. 

If you’ve got a bunch of similar offers with different price points, then you run the risk of people coming into your world and being unsure of which program is right for them. And when they’re unsure, they’ll probably just go with the cheapest, even if your premium product was going to be better for them. 

And because that cheaper product wasn’t the right fit for them, they’ll think all your programs are like that and you’ll lose the opportunity to really work with and help them. 

Creating ascension offers

The people on the internet told you that there’s a clear path to guide your audience through:

They’ll buy the $27 offer, move on to the $97, then the $1000, and then the $5000. 

Now, I love offers at all price points if they make sense, but funnily enough, most humans do not follow this lovely little path we mark out for them. 

Some people will jump straight from the $27 to the $5000 offer, and will be frustrated if they have to go through the offers in the middle, etc. 

So don’t try to shove them into an ascension offer box, it’s not good for you, or them. 

So, how do you grow your online business?

Ok, that’s all great, but what can you do instead to grow your online business?

Firstly, (and this is what we see works best with our members inside eCourse Empire), is a Hells Yes Offer and making the kind of money you want to make with it, we’d recommend not having more than 2 offers running at one time. 

To get that incredible offer you need to:

  • Choose just one program (some thoughts in the episode for how to narrow your courses or ideas down if you need it!), and go all in on it for at least 6 months. 
  • Start running evergreen launches to list build and make your first sales. (Yay!) This isn’t the all-singing, all-dancing launches, what we’re talking about is more of a hybrid launch, and what we teach you inside our program. 
  • Test it to see if it is a Hells Yes offer. A good way to gauge this is that if you can predict the rate it will convert at when promoted (and that conversion rate is good) then you’ve got yourself a winner.

And then?

You can move onto the fun stuff like automating your offer (hello autopilot!)…

…and then you can start scaling this one, incredible offer that’s working so well for you.

..and then that’s the time you can start looking at adding another offer to your business.


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