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#122: Spring Clean Your Business

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Time to spring clean your business, revisit and reset old goals, free up your time and get the momentum you need over the next few months…


Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • Hold your very own ‘Momentum Session’ and claim back some critical CEO time…
  • Where to find 5 free hours each week…
  • Choosing a meaningful end of year goal for your biz…

On the podcast this week we’re looking at 3 ways to spring clean your business. 

Because yep, we’re in Australia so everything is weird and backwards. 

But, whether you’re in Pumpkin Spice Latte season or you’re here in The Upside Down with us (IYKYK), it’s still so important to stop and take a moment, dust off some old goals and make the most of these last couple of months…

The Momentum Sessions

We hold what we call ‘Momentum Sessions’ every quarter inside eCourse Empire, (we’re running one in just a couple of weeks! Don’t want to miss it? Click here to get your application in), but for now, I’m going to give you a few pointers so you can run through your very own Momentum Session at home…

The purpose of these sessions is to help step you out of the busy work and into the stuff that needs to be done and in the right order to get you the best results. 

These sessions carve out space on your calendar to sit down, pop your CEO hat on and revisit and reset your goals. Throughout the year you’ve probably had to pivot and adapt often, so this is your chance to make sure you’re still on track to where you want to be. 

We’d love you to join in on our next one, but for now here’s the 3 crucial things we look at…

3 Ways To Spring Clean Your Business! 

1. Spring Clean Your Goals

The first thing we get everyone to reset their goals and their Financial Freedom Checkpoint. (FFC). 

If you’re new around here and not sure what we’re talking about, the FFC is the benchmark we get our members to calculate when they first join us inside our program: It includes their expenses, their salary, plus tax and a buffer. 

The reason we do that is because one of our first goals when you come to work with us is to get your funnel (that we help set up with you) to hit that number… every month. On autopilot. 

Which means you don’t need to stress, you know everything is covered and then any launches or promotions you do are the cherry on top.

Sounds amazing, right?

And obviously that number isn’t fixed, it grows as your business grows. That’s why it’s the first thing we look at in our Momentum Sessions.

Then we’ll also look at what are your goals for the end of the year? What would be a meaningful goal post for you?

When you have those 2 things, you can move on to the next part of our Biz Spring Cleaning…

2. Spring Clean Your Brain…

As you’ve been going through your numbers and your goals, there’s probably a few thoughts jumping up for you and that’s why our next step is to get all those thoughts out into one place.

So, grab a piece of paper and write down all of the to-dos and ideas that are currently swirling around your head and taking up brain space. 

(I take you through this exercise in a bit more depth in the episode, so have a listen to that if you’d like a few more pointers or ideas around how to do this effectively.)

Now, when you’ve finished you might look at that piece of paper and freak out a little as you realise just how much there is to do

That’s ok! It can be overwhelming, that’s why these sessions are so important, and why our members love them so much because they can get clear on their current obstacles and define what their next goals are.

And once they know their next step goals – we have a playbook to match that goal with a step-by-step action plan in that.  

So they know exactly where they need to focus next …If you’re not inside eCourse Empire, that’s ok – we’d recommend you look at the tasks in front of you and decide which is the one task that will move you closest. And then try and brush away the rest of the mental clutter to keep you focused on that one…

3. Spring Clean Your Task List…

Then the third thing you can do is to clean up your task list and find ways you can outsource. 

(By the way, this will massively help reduce any overwhelm that came up for you in the brain spring clean) 

There are always things being added to our plates, so things also need to be removed, or that plate will break!

Personally, I think it’s an amazing process to go through as a business owner, no matter what stage you’re at. 

Just imagine the different types of work and growth you could see in your business if you were consistently handing things off your task list…

This is something we recommend doing every 90 days or so and we actually just ran this as a challenge inside our program over 5 days. It was an opportunity for everyone to break down which tasks could be outsourced and then find ways to do it within their own budgets and goals.

We got them to start by just finding 5 hours worth of tasks each week that they could free up with outsourcing…

And you can do that too – you’ve already created your task list above, now you can go through and find things you can take off your plate. 

At the start, you should be able to find inexpensive (or free!) ways to help remove tasks (sometimes an automation or system is all you need) and then you get to reinvest that time back in your business…

…See it grow further, increase your revenue and your sales, and then afford to invest in your next five hours. 

And that’s how you end up with an amazing team and a kickass business. 

Step-by-step help? We’ve got it for you…

Remember, if you want some help with any of this, or you’d just love some more support (and did someone say templates, email scripts and more), that’s exactly what we do inside eCourse Empire

And we’d love you to join so we can cheer you on and see you kick some serious goals.

Applications close for our Nov cohort on the 27th. (Which is tomorrow – so get your skates on.) 

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