#68: Q&A! Answers to all your Funnel Pro questions!

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Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • The difference between eCourse Empire and Funnel Pro (+ which is right for you!)
  • What makes a certification program different from a “normal” course? 
  • And answers to all your other Funnel Pro questions!

Q&A! Answers to all your Funnel Pro questions!

If you’ve been thinking about joining our Funnel Pro Certification Program, (or even just been a bit curious!) 

But you’ve got questions bouncing around and you’re wondering if it’s right for you and your business…

Then this episode is for you. 

Because today on The Doing It Online Podcast, I’m answering all your burning Funnel Pro questions! 

We’ve been having so much fun over the last week welcoming our new Funnel Pro members! (Our super nerds. We heart nerds.) 

It’s such a hands-on support style of program, so we have to cap it at 25…

…And there’s only a handful of spots left up for grabs (AND doors closing Oct 21st!!), so you better get listening!

As always, the juicy good stuff is in the episode itself, these notes are more for to help you out so you don’t have to worry about taking notes if you’re out for a walk, or driving!

So, before we jump into the episode, if you’re keen to just get the ball rolling (which you should be!) head to beafunnelpro.com NOW and apply before the last few spots are snapped up!

Ok, first question!

Question 1: What’s the best tech to learn on?

Great question! 

So, when we’re talking about tech herre, we’re really talking about the programs that help you build out the logic of the funnel. So not the smaller pieces of tech, but the backbone of the funnels – which is the email software. 

There’s heaps of amazing programs out there and they all have their pros + cons. 

But the 2 we recommend (and teach) are: 

  • Active Campaign (no surprises there!) 
  • And ConvertKit.

We chose these 2 because they are solid, reliable and don’t have a steep learning curve. 

Question 2: What will my hourly rate be as a Funnel Pro?

As a Funnel Pro, we’ll be encouraging you to step up and move away from the hourly rate. 

And yes, we’ll show you how to package up and price your offers. The range will differ but to begin with, for the first tier of funnels, you’d be looking at packages of $500 – $1000 and in the higher tier the range is from $2500 – $5000. And that’s where most of your bookings will sit. 

And as you niche down further, you can even go beyond that. 

Can you see how quickly you could make back your investment in Funnel Pro? Try 1-2 clients! Amazing, right?

Question 3: What if you create a funnel for someone and it doesn’t work?

Ok, first of all, the responsibility for your client’s product to sell, is not on you. Even a funnel that smashes all of its benchmarks, can’t sell a product that hasn’t been proven or set up to convert from an evergreen state.  

We have a whole module dedicated to their offer and what to look for to know if it’s even ready for a funnel in the first place. 

Now, if you’ve built out the funnel and it’s not working, (hopefully you’ve gone through the steps we’ve taught you, and in order!) then we’ve got troubleshooting guides, checklists for each piece of the funnel and even an auditing dashboard where you can enter numbers in and it will flag areas of concern. So you’ll be able to pinpoint which piece isn’t working and be able to advise your client from there. 

Question 4: What’s the difference between eCourse Empire and Funnel Pro?

Funnel Pro is for people who want to be able to offer funnel creation, funnel strategy end-to-end funnel pro services for other people. 

If you’re wanting to build funnels for other people (as well as have your own), then that’s what Funnel Pro is designed to do. 

eCourse Empire is designed to help you set up, scale and automate funnels for your own business. (As well as help you create an online course if you don’t have one yet!) 

So, if you’re wanting to build funnels for others, then Funnel Pro is probably right for your business. You’ll learn how to create funnels (really well!) And also create your own client acquisition funnel. (You can actually check out the first 3 steps of that funnel from last week’s episode here.) 

And of course, in either program you’ll get lots of support along the way!

We go through the first 3 steps in the last episode, we give you a bit of an overview of that funnel 

And of course, in either program you’ll get lots of support along the way!

Question 5. What are the benefits of getting a certification vs a “normal” course?

Ok, definitely go listen to the episode itself for this answer because I give more insight into the certification process. 

And honestly, this was a learning curve for me too! 

Basically, for a regular course, there’s no expectation of completion or level of completion. 

In a certification program, you’ll be assessed and tested, so there’s not only an expectation you’ll finish, but that you’ll finish at a certain level of competence and increased skills and knowledge. 

From a client’s perspective, their confidence and trust in you will sky-rocket over your DIY companions in the industry. With a course you go through it at your own pace and the outcome of the course is that it’s going to improve something in your life, but how much it does that is up to you.

With a Certification, you have to actually have a certain level of skills to pass (and yes, not everyone passes). And don’t worry, there’s no big boring tests with us. (Ew.) We give you lots of practical assessment along the way, and we make it fun (and super useful, like building out your own client acquisition funnel).

Question 6. Can I get someone on my team certified?

Yes, absolutely! We’d love to help facilitate that! Up-skilling your team is a win-win for everybody. 

To get them started, get them to sign up as we’ll need their details and once they’re accepted you can organise the admin/payment situation from there. I give you some more details about this in the episode. 

Question 7: What’s the time commitment? And is there a holiday break over Christmas?

Yes! WE’ve got a built- in semester break, so you’ll do the first 2 sections this side of Christmas, with a break in the middle and the third section in the new year. 

In terms of time commitment, it’s not the same each week. But we’d say a minimum of 2hours a week, some might be less, some might be more. And we have built in breaks and catch ups.

Question 8: When does it start – October 26th

Our first day of Funnel Pro class is October 26th, with new modules dropping weekly for 12 weeks (plus a 2+week semester break over the holidays).

I’m already a certified launch manager or OBM. How will this help me?

Then you already know ALL the benefits becoming certified for your speciality has on your business. And if you are ready to step up your services (and sales) even further, with a skill-set and specialisation that is instantly monetizable, then hells yes!

Especially as creating funnels is its own unique specialisation and skill set (which is nothing like launches btw).

To have that knowledge on both ends of the scales — be able to deep-dive on launches and also the funnels and how they could work together? 100% this would be beneficial to your clients. That’s a powerful combo. 

Still have questions? Just reach out! 

If you have any more Qs, reach out at @hellofunnels on instagram. We’re waiting to answer them for you and help you make this (amazing biz-changing) decision. 

Otherwise head to beafunnelpro.com now and apply, (before all the spots are snapped up!) 

We’ll process your application in just a few hours, (unless it’s nighttime, then we sleep.) 

And if you’re accepted, then you’ll be sent a special 72 hour invitation, and you want to make sure you jump on that right away in case the last spots are snapped up in between.

And that’s it! 

You’ll be in and ready to roll when class starts on October 26th!

Q&A! Answers to all your Funnel Pro questions!

Wish there was a way you could basically guarantee you would make sales, the second you opened your cart?










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