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3 Reasons your funnel flopped and how to fix them
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3 reasons your funnel flopped (and how to fix them!)

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So everyone told you you needed a funnel (you do)

And you tried it (well done!)

But it was, well a bit of a flop (bugger)…

And now you think funnels suck.

Or that you just suck at funnels.

Or that it’s all just too hard, and you are off chasing the next shiny new marketing tactic.

Well before you give up on funnels completely, I wanted to let you know that it is super common for you first funnel to flop (especially if you DIY-ed it!)

And usually it is one of just three very easy to make (and easy to fix) mistakes that have caused it!

So before you go abandoning you funnel forever, watch the video above and let’s get you and your funnel back to being BFFs fast!

Today I’m going to share with you the top three reasons why a funnel will fail, and what you can do to fix them.

I know a lot of you reading this have been like, “Hey, I’ve tried a funnel before and it didn’t work.”

And then you’re like, “And if that one time I tried it didn’t work, it’ll never work.”

But funnels work for everybody if they’re done right.

They just do.

There is no reason why a funnel wouldn’t work for you.

I’ve got people inside my 5K Funnel programme who are from all walks of life and at all stages of business.

We’ve got newbies, we’ve got people who’ve been doing it for years and years, people who’ve gone from making maybe one or two sales a month and now making up to 80 sales a month, to those who are already making six figures and are wanting to just optimise, and improve, and expand in scale on that.

The thing is, this exact same funnel, it works for all of them.

So if it can work for them (we’re talking naturopaths, psychics, social media managers etc) it can work for you!

I know a lot of you have funnelled before and maybe you’re feeling a little funnel fearful.

You’ve been bitten by the funnel, you don’t want to come back.

Once bitten, twice shy.

But it might not of necessarily been the funnels that didn’t work for you, it’s just you had made one of these really common mistakes, and we’re gonna show you how to fix them.

3 reasons your funnel flopped

3 reasons your funnel flopped – funnel friendly offer

The first reason a funnel doesn’t work is it just doesn’t have a funnel-friendly offer.

What happens a lot of the time is people go, “Okay, I’m going to start a funnel. I’m going to just take what I’ve done on my launch and tweak it slightly and shove it into some automation software and then boom, funnel, right?”


The thing with funnels is, because they’re missing that live element, they’re missing that direct interaction and connection with you.

They just need to be set up differently.

Your offer in your funnel has to be amazing value, something that they just can’t say no to, something that they can’t wait until later on for, something they need now.

There’s lots of different moving pieces that come to make up a funnel-friendly offer.

First of all, it’s what is the value that you’ve included.

To be able to know that, you really need to know who your target market is, what they want, what they see as valuable and what they really need.

That involves really doing a bit of a deep dive into the target market.

Quite often people find that when they do this exercise, they’re just like, “Oh my God, I’ve been offering the wrong thing this whole time,” or, “I thought my target market was one person, but it’s not that person anymore. I’ve evolved and they’ve evolved, and I’ve been speaking to the wrong person.”

You need to find that really happy middle ground, that you're pricing something people trust in to give you that yes.Click To Tweet

So if your targeting is off a little bit, then the value that you’re trying to give to that person will probably be off as well.

You also need to make sure that your pricing is bang on.

This doesn’t just mean pricing it so crazy low that it seems like a bargain bin offer.

I don’t advocate that, in fact, I don’t actually advocate discounting at all inside your funnel.

There’s other ways to show value.

But, you do need to make sure you price strategically because there are some price points which are just going to work better in a funnel than others.

You need to find that really happy middle ground, that you’re pricing something where people can feel confident, feel enough trust in something automated, to give you that yes.

Part of your traffic will be paid, and you need to make sure you’ve got a margin that covers that as well.

So figuring out that right pricing, figuring out that right value, making sure that your messaging and your market is bang on.

These pieces all come together and create your funnel-friendly offer.

3 reasons your funnel flopped

3 reasons your funnel flopped – Paid traffic

Now, number two is when people rely just way too much on paid traffic, particularly at the start.

I call paid traffic an accelerator, it’s like throwing gasoline onto a fire, right?

But, you’ve got to have the fire first.

If you just had some wet logs and you threw gasoline on it nothing happens.

The logs will just continue to be wet and now they smell worse.

So you need to have that fire burning first, and you need to have systems set up to really make sure that not only are you driving people into your funnel and getting sales that way, which literally cost you nothing.

But, you also have these really basic traffic pillars set up.

Things like having some pillar content for SEO or having a strategy for sharing on social media.

Doing things that help you get out there and get you seen more, like getting onto podcasts and doing PR and all that kind of jazz, which I know sounds kind of scary but can be really super easy.

People who rely too much on ads aren't going to get the sales they need because they're targeting cold traffic.Click To Tweet

I actually have some step-by-step checklists, scripts, the works, for how to do this.

That whole piece, I call the amplification stage, and it’s actually stage three in my 5K Funnel Formula.

People who just rely too much on ads aren’t going to get the sales they need because you’re targeting cold traffic.

They don’t know who you are.

Even with the best funnel and the best content, it’s going to mean that your conversion rates are actually going to be a bit lower, and it also means it can be quite expensive upfront to get rolling.

Particularly if you have split payment options, because you might be paying a couple of hundred dollars to get that sale if they’re coming through ads, and they might only be paying a couple of hundred dollars for their first payment.

So it’s going to take a few months to stack enough payments for this to then be profitable.

This is where a lot of people get stuck.

Their funnel might be fantastic, it might be working, but they’re just trying to shove too much cold traffic into it too soon.

They’re not getting an immediate ROI, they’re not getting any immediate cash flow.

Maybe they’re covering costs, but they’re not actually making any profit, and there’s only so long that you can sustain that.

So you need to be getting profit up front.

That’s why I always teach that you should really make sure that you’re maximising and optimising the traffic list you already have, that you then go and really amplify that traffic using a few really simple but effective, traffic boosting strategies.

Then, you pour on the gasoline and then it all works so nicely together.

That’s when you get really good return on investment, or ROI.

That’s when you’re able to scale, and that’s when you’re making really good profit.

Too much reliance on Facebook ads, especially right at the start, is a total funnel killer.

3 Reasons your funnel flopped

3 reasons your funnel flopped – know your numbers

Number three is know your numbers.

Know the ones that matter, because when your funnel is failing, or you think your funnel is failing, then normally the reason is the number of sales.

It’s cash in versus cash out, and people have this freak out about, “Oh my God, it’s not working.”

As I mentioned before, particularly when you’re using paid traffic, sometimes it can take a little while for that to warm up.

But there are certain metrics you should be tracking.

I recommend you track between three to five, depending on what kind of business you have and how exactly your funnel is set up.

If you know what those metrics are, and what the benchmarks are, like where they should be.

If you are hitting those benchmarks, if you have a quiet week you don’t need to freak out, you can go, “Okay, I get it. I know it’s going to work. I know I’m ticking the right boxes, and next week will be amazing.”

You need to know your metrics.

Too much reliance on Facebook ads, especially right at the start, is a total funnel killer.Click To Tweet

I’ve seen people pull the plug on funnels that are actually freaking awesome, just because they weren’t tracking the right metrics.

They were using the wrong things to decide whether or not their funnel was working.

Normally, that thing was, “How much money is in my bank this week?”

When you get your funnel up and running and rolling, it’s like slowly, slowly, more, more, bigger, bigger, hold on tight, this is amazing.

That is how a funnel takes off.

It takes a couple of weeks and then it’s like boom!

That’s when your business is radically changed.

But, you have to make sure you are tracking the right things at the start, you’ve set it up correctly from the start, and that way you know that you are on track, and you can just go, “Okay, quiet week. Quiet week is cool. I was prepared for that, I knew that was going to happen. Everything is still hunky dory, everything is still ticking the boxes. I’m not going to stress about it. I’m not going to kill something that two weeks from now is going to be absolutely killing it.”

So those are my three big funnel killers I see people do, things I see happen over and over again that will make people think funnels don’t work, or they don’t work for them, and it’s totally not true.

It just means you’ve made one of these three super easy to make, super simple to fix mistakes.

If you want to come in and see what the inside of a funnel that is freaking rocking looks like, and exactly how you can set that up, (it’s a really simple four step process) I’m sharing it all in a free funnel masterclass I’m running right now.


Know your numbers!

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