#66: Be a Funnel Pro, Part 3 : How much should you charge for funnels?

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Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • The 3 steps to pricing your packages as a Funnel Pro (these principles apply to online services too!)
  • The specific funnels and their price ranges… 
  • How you can build on your packages to scale your biz in the future…

Be a Funnel Pro : Part 3 : How much should you charge for funnels?

So this is Part 3 of our special 3-part series on becoming what we’re calling a Funnel Pro.

In case you’ve missed them, Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here!

So, for Part 3, let’s just imagine for a moment that you already have all the skills you need to be what we’re calling a Funnel Pro…

Which means you’re kickass at the tools of the trade (you know your shit, tech-wise) AND, you have taken the time to learn which funnels actually work (there are 5 we recommend) PLUS the strategy behind each of them…

And now, you’re ready to go out into the world with your new up-levelled skillset, so you’re going to need to uplevel your offers to match…

That’s super exciting! 

But, wait…how much do you charge?


I’m going to walk you through the 3 steps to knowing how to price your packages (these principles apply to online services as well!) AND break down the price range for specific funnels (the ones you’d be using the most) and how you can build on those packages in the future…

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But for now, let’s get into the episode! 

So, as I said, there are 3 steps to knowing how to price your packages as a Funnel Pro (these principles apply to online services too!) and the very first one, is all about the value…

1. Understand the value (deeply!)

First of all…before you can go into pricing you need to REALLY understand the value of what you’re offering, like deep down in your soul…

A lot of things are hard to put a price on, but not funnels! Because you can literally see tangible results and measure how much revenue comes in as a result of that funnel. Now, you want to give this episode a listen because I go into lots of detail around how you can directly measure the value of a funnel. 

But let’s just say a funnel that you create for a client brings them in $100k in a year… AND you’ve made the process so simple for them, (all the building and testing of that funnel has been done by you) you can bet your ass they’re going to value it!

(Not that you’d charge $120k for a funnel!) But you can see the value in it, right? And why it’s going to be possible for you to charge premium prices. We’ll get to that in a moment…

2. Choose the right market for you

If you’re going to become a specialist, or a master of funnels, with your new high-level skills, then choosing the right market is going to be crucial. You’ll need to pick the entrepreneurs who are in the right place in their business to be asking for help for someone with your skills… 

And to figure that out, let’s say there’s 3 phases of people in business: 

  • The Starters
  • The Scalers
  • The Stars (> $2 million a year)

The Starters

These guys aren’t going to be a great fit for a Funnel Pro like you, because their offers aren’t proven yet. This is the first thing we do inside our program, eCourse Empire, we dive deep and focus on getting their offer working first. Before we go near them with funnels. So The Starters, while we cheer them on, they’re not for the Funnel Pro. (Yet.)

The Stars 

This group are the entrepreneurs who are on $2million+ a year. This group of people will be amazing to work with one day, but they aren’t the people you’d want to be starting out with, for a couple of reasons. (I go into this more in the episode!)

The Scalers

This is the group of entrepreneurs whose businesses are sitting on multi-6-figures to the low 7-figures. This group is where the bread and butter for a Funnel Pro will be. 

This is the group who value anything that’s going to free up their time and they’re not afraid of investing. In fact, they value and know the power of investing in their business. 

Their offer works, they value the help, they have the budget and the best part? When you come in and slot in a funnel for them, the chances are, it’ll go gangbusters. Which means, you’ll have a super happy client and happy clients tell their friends. And that’s where the referrals for you will come pouring in and your business will begin to snowball

3. Know the price ranges + find your space within them

The next step in pricing is to understand that the market sets the range, and it’s up to you where you sit. When you’re starting out, it might be on the lower end and you can work your way up as you start to grow your confidence, and get the testimonials and as you specialise further.

Now, to figure out the prices for your packages and offerings, you need to know how much specific funnels are worth and what the general price ranges on those specific funnels are. I’m going to break those down for you now. 

(And if you missed it, in episode 2 of this mini-series, I went through each of these funnels you want to learn first as a Funnel Pro and what their purposes are, so go check that out if you want some more details!)

Something else to understand here is that Funnel Pros don’t charge by the hour, they charge by the outcome. 

Split it up into tiers for packages based on the outcome (or potential for revenue): 

    1.) Silver Tier 

An opt-in funnel that connects to a warm-up sequence, expect to charge $500 to $1000

     2. ) Gold Tier

Projects within the gold tier range from $1000 – $2500 per project. And there are 3 types of funnels within this tier:

    a) The opt-in funnel PLUS a tripwire PLUS the warm-up funnel. 

    b)  A self liquidating offer (SLO) set up PLUS a warm up funnel (if you don’t know what an SLO is, check out this episode, around here we call them MIni-But-Mighty offers.)

    c) Flash sale funnel PLUS offer set up.

     3.) Platinum Tier

Projects within this tier range from $2500 – $5000 (depending on experience and level of complication.) 

Funnels within theis tier are

    a) Webinar funnel (including registration page.)

    b) Application funnel.

A final thought on pricing…

As someone who has built all of these funnels for myself, I can tell you that even the most complicated versions of these would take a couple of days tops to create. 

And yes, tech wise I know my shit (but so would you as a Funnel Pro!)

So, when you look at it like that, are you beginning to see just how profitable becoming a funnel pro could be…? Pretty incredible, right?

Be a Funnel Pro : Part 3 : How much should you charge for funnels?


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Be a Funnel Pro : Part 3 : How much should you charge for funnels?
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