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Should you fake it in a funnel?

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You all know how much I love funnels.

How they are my favourite thing to talk about, and help people with.

How they have completely changed my own business for the better in every way.

How I believe that they are one of the most powerful tools in a solopreneurs toolbox, right?

Well, as Spiderman’s uncle said, “with great power, comes great responsibility”

And that absolutely applies to funnels as well.

Which is why I think the debate over whether or not (or even what level) you “fake it” in a funnel is such an important one.

Watch this video, and join me in the debate now.

I’ve been asked this question a lot in the last couple of weeks, mostly inside the group of my $5K Funnel Formula Program.

And that question is; “When it comes to creating a funnel, do you fake it?”

By that they mean do I try and pretend that the webinar is actually live?

I also know that there’s a bit of a debate out there where people may think that it will convert better if you pretend it’s live.

But, personally I don’t like to do anything that’s deceptive.

Should you fake it in a funnel? – Honesty is the best policy

I love funnels. I love automation, but I also really, really love being upfront and honest with people.

If you try and deceive people, if you try and trick people and if you treat people like they’re idiots, well, you’re going to attract the people that are okay with that.

But if you treat people with respect, you’re going to attract people who respect that, and respect you.

Treating people like they’re dumb, is not going to attract your ideal client.

I personally believe, if you have to be tricking people, if you have to be deceiving people, then you’ve got some bigger problems than whether, or not you’re pretending that your webinar is live.

That’s not the thing you need to worry about.

Should you fake it in a funnel is one of the questions I get asked the most in my $5K Funnel Formula Program. Click to find out whether you should fake it! | #salesfunnel #onlinebusiness #webinars

Should you fake it in a funnel? – Is there an issue with your offer?

You need to probably take a good hard look at what your offer is and at what your outcome is.

It may be the quality of your program, how you’re marketing staff or even who your target market is.

Because, if you’re having to deceive people into buying from you, there’s a bigger issue at play.

Personally, I believe that you don’t need to be dishonest, that funnels don’t need to be gross and sleazy, that you can be really upfront with your audience, treat them like they are intelligent human beings who’ve used the internet before and are aware that things can be automated, and you can still get a fantastic response.

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For example, I use an automated webinar as part of my funnel, and I have messaging at the start of that webinar that says, “Hey, this is a replay, this isn’t live, but if you’ve got any questions, you can email us and we’ll answer them back.”

Should you fake it in a funnel is one of the questions I get asked the most in my $5K Funnel Formula Program. Click to find out whether you should fake it! | #salesfunnel #onlinebusiness #webinars

So, even though the webinar is there, even though our chat box is there & there is still a live chat going through it, the reason we made the decision to keep that element is because some of the questions that are asked, and then, answered within the chat box is really, really valuable, so that’s why I’ve decided to keep that part, and it’s not to try and trick people into thinking it’s live.

In fact, we have banners all over it saying that it’s not, so that’s my advice.

For those of you thinking, “Oh, if I’m gonna do a funnel, I have to fake it.” Or, “I don’t wanna do a funnel because I don’t wanna be gross and sleazy.”

The fact is, you don’t have to fake it.

You shouldn’t fake it. You should treat your potential customers, treat your audience with respect, and you’ll attract people who treat you the same.

Do you think that actually a funnel works better if there is a little bit of fakery involved, or do you also believe that just like me that you can be authentic, you can be real, you can be honest, and still create an awesome automated experience?

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